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  1. Worldwide Risers

    Add Toljan to Dortmund. +2 would be fair. Gabriel Jesus and Sané should both get +2 the way they're handing out rises.
  2. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Felipe Anderson is now a 91 rated RB. Yeah.
  3. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Bernardeschi 90 Atalanta players deserve high rises after this season.
  4. Angel Gomes +5. I just wanted to ask someone to change his picture but the first line will justify the thread i'm posting in (nobody would see it elsewhere). It's been Franco Lopez' face for months now lol.
  5. Worldwide Risers

    Alario 89, Bernardeschi 88, mmmmmmmk. Anyway, give Pavón a ridiculous rise, pls.
  6. increase player ratings

    Bernardeschi, Bernardeschi, Bernardeschi. Lewis Baker.
  7. The new season not started

    I'm sure there are plenty of leagues experiencing this. Eventually managers will leave and never come back. You'd think customer service would be a main priority but frankly, it's appalling.
  8. Are they done with Sevilla? Ben Yedder must surely rise?
  9. Generous. Apparently he's on the same level as Kurzawa now..
  10. +1 for Janssen lmao. Rise Bernardeschi ffs.
  11. Worldwide Risers

    87 would be more than fair tbh.
  12. Serie A Rating Predictions

    .. and he assists Zarate.
  13. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Bernardeschi just scored a screamer!