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  1. Thoughts on Ruben Neves' move?
  2. Alaba, Sandro, Alba (in that order)
  3. De Gea does deserve to be 94. Man U's recently failings are hardly his fault. What can he do about a midfield moulded in the shape of Fellaini, or a strike force led by Lingard, or a shambolic defence where the starters are permanently injured? Neither is De Gea at fault for Man U's ridiculous dealings in the transfer market. I'm not sure why people keep bringing these topics up in a debate on whether Courtois deserves 94 given De Gea's 94 and Oblak's 93. Oblak's 93 is somewhat generous and hasty, but it's not totally out of the blue. He has been rock solid for Atletico these past two seasons, seeing them through two deep Champions League runs. In the 2015/16 season, they even put in a decent title challenge, and this season, they were undone by a poor start to the season and Griezmann's post-Euro hangover, but they still firmly established themselves as the "best of the rest" in Spain. And before someone mentions that Atletico won La Liga with Courtois, let's not forgot that during that season, both Real and Barça were in transition, with new managers. IIRC, Messi (and by extension Barcelona) was pretty bad that season as a whole, and Ronaldo got injured towards the business end of the season (he sat out of the CDR final, remember). Undoubtedly, the Big Two are much stronger now, and replace Courtois with Oblak, I'm not sure that Atletico would be able to challenge them. Personally, Courtois to 94 is a bit of a 50/50 for me. I can see why it could go either way. There are many much larger injustices with the SM rating system than this: Hummels 93 with Thiago Silva 94 comes to mind. Anyways, it's not an excuse to have a go at how bad Man U are for no particular reason.
  4. Varane or Carvajal?
  5. Trophies aren't everything. By that metric, Alex the Brazilian full back is one of the best in history. And I wouldn't say that Riyad Mahrez is better than, say, De Bruyne, because KDB hasn't won any trophies yet. Oblak may not have won any trophies in the past few seasons, but hey, that's hardly his fault, he's playing in a league with the two best sides in the world. Stick Chelsea in La Liga, and I don't see them winning any silverware. And Man U's recent struggles has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do do with De Gea. I'm quite sure even [insert legendary goalkeeper] wouldn't have saved Man U these past few seasons: their outfield players have been choking horribly. So stop slating off Oblak and De Gea. Their recent lack of silverware isn't their fault, and shouldn't be used to compare them with Courtois.
  6. Get rid of Aubameyang? Reports are he's going to China. on a side note, apologies for the language, but what a fu©king tw@t. He's at the peak of his powers, one of the most sought-after forwards in Europe, and he decides to fu©k football and earn that bit of extra money instead. What message does that send out to everyone else? That football is all about money these days? That his love for money exceeds his love for the beautiful game? That one should spend the best years of your career rotting amidst a pile of cash? As a fan of football, I feel betrayed. I can't imagine how Dortmund fans feel.Talk about lacking pride, love for your badge, loyalty. This is on a whole new level.
  7. Hehe thank you, but could you rank the five midfielders?
  8. Also, rank Carrasco, Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele?
  9. Rank De Bruyne, Thiago, Koke, Verratti and Pogba? A few thoughts: idk about this really. For me the most realistic way KDB/Pogba can reach 95 is for them to win the Prem. The other option, of course, is a deep run in the Champions league (to, say, semis/final, whilst knocking out some decent teams), though I can't see that happening in the near future. The Prem just seems to be light years behind Europe's elite at the moment. Koke I think is kinda stuck in Atletico, who are unlikely to win the league and seemingly trapped in Real Madrid's shadow in Europe. Getting to 95 seems a long shot for him. As for Thiago/Verratti (assuming he goes to Barça) they probably need to win/nearly win the Champions League to get 95.
  10. Should I sell Saul Niguez for Alaba?
  11. Lemar, Dembele, Sane and Draxler are wingers, not playmakers in my opinion. Technicalities, I guess. You could certainly put them as the playmaker in the no. 10 position in, say, a 4-2-3-1. Let's not deny that those you named are at least very creative players
  12. Alli, Lemar, Ousmane Dembele, Sane, Draxler, Kovacic, Bernadeschi, Rabiot, Koziello and Cyprien, to name a few
  13. Jordi Alba or Alex Sandro?
  14. eh a bit early no? I think that most leagues have had their season review already? (correct me if I'm wrong) Could you rank Gnabry, Oyarzabal, Diawara and Theo Hernandez as prospects?
  15. Bakayoko seems like on the verge of joining Chelsea. Thoughts? What would it mean for Matic?