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  1. Rabiot or Kovacic?
  2. Asensio or Isco?
  3. De Bruyne or Kante + Saul? Neither Kante nor Saul start, but De Bruyne would slot in.
  4. Matic or Kante?
  5. Casemiro or Kovacic?
  6. Which duo is better? Kovacic and Tolisso Casemiro and Lucas Vazquez
  7. Rank Kovacic, Bernado Silva, Seri and Fabinho?
  8. Umtiti or Javi Martinez?
  9. Sad day for the community. Unfortunately, not sure anyone can really take over your role, which is why the forum is dead in the first place. Thanks for everything though.
  10. Rank Higuain, Cavani, Kane? Firmino or Mané? Rank Matic, Casemiro, Kante?
  11. Na, Godin is good. Marquinhos probably the best of the rest. Rank Higuain, Cavani, Kane? Firmino or Mané?
  12. Thoughts on Ruben Neves' move?
  13. Alaba, Sandro, Alba (in that order)
  14. De Gea does deserve to be 94. Man U's recently failings are hardly his fault. What can he do about a midfield moulded in the shape of Fellaini, or a strike force led by Lingard, or a shambolic defence where the starters are permanently injured? Neither is De Gea at fault for Man U's ridiculous dealings in the transfer market. I'm not sure why people keep bringing these topics up in a debate on whether Courtois deserves 94 given De Gea's 94 and Oblak's 93. Oblak's 93 is somewhat generous and hasty, but it's not totally out of the blue. He has been rock solid for Atletico these past two seasons, seeing them through two deep Champions League runs. In the 2015/16 season, they even put in a decent title challenge, and this season, they were undone by a poor start to the season and Griezmann's post-Euro hangover, but they still firmly established themselves as the "best of the rest" in Spain. And before someone mentions that Atletico won La Liga with Courtois, let's not forgot that during that season, both Real and Barça were in transition, with new managers. IIRC, Messi (and by extension Barcelona) was pretty bad that season as a whole, and Ronaldo got injured towards the business end of the season (he sat out of the CDR final, remember). Undoubtedly, the Big Two are much stronger now, and replace Courtois with Oblak, I'm not sure that Atletico would be able to challenge them. Personally, Courtois to 94 is a bit of a 50/50 for me. I can see why it could go either way. There are many much larger injustices with the SM rating system than this: Hummels 93 with Thiago Silva 94 comes to mind. Anyways, it's not an excuse to have a go at how bad Man U are for no particular reason.
  15. Varane or Carvajal?