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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Jonathan Tah or Rugani ? and Bailly or De vrij ? all of them are for first team
  2. New players added

    Actually a lot of players from the Guardian's top 60 ,17 yo kids have been added. Colidio , Garre , Pierias , Masangu , Hudson-odoi , Lincoln , Antzoulas , Mbom , Gouiri , Adli , Temenuzhkov , Van Den Eyden , Weah , Sadiku , Sego . If you have 3-4 m you can buy them all.
  3. Recall Player

    Is there a way i can recall my player at a newly created game world? F.e. I have Monaco and Mbappe is loaned to PSG but i cannot recall him back because it says that this is a permanent loan
  4. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Which players from juve do you think that will drop?
  5. Up and coming players

    Alfredo Morelos ( Rangers ) , 21 y / 80 , 6 goals in 7 matches this season . Before he joined Rangers he had 27 goals in 42 matches(circa 3400 min) .Intersting stats.
  6. Worldwide Risers

    Alfredo Morelos ( Rangers ) , 21 y / 80 , 6 goals in 7 matches this season . Before he joined Rangers he had 27 goals in 42 matches(circa 3400 min) .Intersting stats. Also Ross Mccrorie (19 y / 73 rating) has some hype around his name . It is argued that he will be the next Scotland hero only if he gets more playing times. I'm not from Scotland though , I have just read some articles about it ,. Maybe someone Scottish here informs us.
  7. the way things go rn , it seems that morata and lukaku will get their raises.(more possible for morata since he is 91)if not in december , at the end of the season for sure.
  8. Up and coming players

    Maxi Gomez (Celta) , 21 y old , rated 82 , 3 appearances and 3 goals(actually 4 but it didn't count beacause the ball hit the opposite player and it was counted as an autogoal) . Before his move to Celta last season he had in 27 matches 15 goals and 8 assists for Defensor. I don't think that he will dissapoint so i would give him a go.
  9. Up and coming players

    Jann Fiete Arp ,70 , 17 years old - Hamburg . Great prospect ,12 goals in 12 matches for germany u17 and 1 goal in 1 match at junior bundesliga. Probably he will rise to 75 due to hype. Kyle Walker-Peters , 70 , 20 years old - Tottenham. PLayed one match but he will be a big thing. Great talent . Ben Woodburn , 76 , 17 years old - Liverpool . Great talent and a huge prospect . Hope he will get time at liverpool but i don't think so. Look what he did for Wales senior team.
  10. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Patrick Cutrone seems that he will get a rise. Played 60 minutes (in seria a )and has scored 2 league and one europa league(played 70 min.) qual. goals (and also he scored some goals at the summer friendlies and cups) maybe he will go to 78-80 in the next review if he continues like that.
  11. Worldwide Risers

    and here we go ! retsos to bayer leverkusen for 22M .I think now he is a must-buy player since he is in a better league and a team that know how to train young players.
  12. Worldwide Risers

    Retsos from Olympiacos is a great player to buy . Scouts from leverkusen and lyon scout him. And a 10M bid is rejected. Maybe because he is in Greece and Olympiacos is in a very difficult CL group he will not get a big rise (probably he would go from 82 to 84) but if he gets a transfer i think you should buy him. Very good prospect.
  13. guys any opinion on neves? i have not heard so much about him this year
  14. Worldwide Risers

    well i guess i will sell him and buy him when he will get the move
  15. Worldwide Risers

    Guys how is Tielemans going? Should i sell him if i need money?