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  1. how to hire staff?

    It isn't possible to hire staff. You must upgrade facilities to raise coaches' level and bring new (coaches).
  2. Players Database Update?

    They are waiting for SM17 guys... Actually there's no sense.
  3. Just.... - International Management - Youth League - More Professional Leagues - Better budgets + ratings (but I know, soccerwiki etc... :<) - More formations! - Play-offs
  4. Upgrade the youth academy, training's base etc. And they will improve their abilities.
  5. HELP - How to change team?

    This isn't possible. Unfortunately. #stillwaitingforupdates
  6. Version 2.03

    That will be difficult, I think. All player's ratings are from soccerwiki's database. So creating a new database only for SM will be hard. *sorry for englando*
  7. Development Schedule

    Hello, when will be the next update? :s
  8. Hello, my friend is playing as Cheltenham Town, and at one time he was on the another teams' match. After this match, he got the score (from his team) from a month ago (in game ofc.) - he won this match. In the press was the news he lost this match. In the schedule this match was appointed as draw. EDIT: additional "news" :v When he went to the tactics, he had his team squad + one of his team got the injury. x) So... XD? (sorry for my english, and propably wrong forum's category)
  9. Version 2.02

    @up Same question here.
  10. Can you tell me why? I didn't do anything. What is going on? At start i had 2 slots. This is bug? Maybe i don't understand something. Sorry for my bad english. ;-;