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  1. my idea is making us able to add player exchange in transfers. example : ''let's say i manage real madrid and i want sanchez so i offer player exchange offering arsenal bale for sanchez and i can add some cash in the deal too aswell''
  2. Meh...

    I Am intrested in taking Gremio when will the game world start and what's the Gameworld ID So i Can Apply??
  3. Do players improve faster if you play them

    In am 2016 as far as I know player rate increases by their performance with you not with just playing games
  4. I got a question???

    gamespeed is their to help you choose the speed of the game been shown incase you are boored so i guess it doesn't matter
  5. oh well i guess its because he is high rated because the higher rating you are the harder it is to increase and for a 94 rating 5 hatriks in all season is decent so i think it's just that he's very high rated and what he does doesn't worth a increase even a 90 rated player can do this and more i had aubameyang with only 21 goals in the first half of season with 5 hatriks and one mega hatrik you get me but all i can advice you is just train him on technical and attacking
  6. mhm maybe because you are using him as a striker and he is originally a left winger??? I mean I know he can stand there but players never increase rating when they are out of position
  7. well its been a year and not having a rating increasing is maybe because you might not playing him in his right position or making him a squad rotation if your doing this try playing him in his real position and as a main player if your already doing this then try to train him technical-attacking if that doesn't work then he doesn't fit for bayern style and just will be a flop
  8. help with tactic

    well about alves instead Buy Bellerin Or Mbemba and team instructions should be Captain:Gundogan Playmaker:Reus FreeKick Taker:Reus penalty aubameyang Corner: Sahin
  9. you need give us more transfer budget??? i start with Borussia Monch with only 9.93 Million Euro?? Are you joking? before doing my borussia one i was doing a real beatis wich i started with 10 million? so first: where is the logic a UCL Side one of germany top teams start with 9.93 million while a new promoted side ''Real Beatis'' start with 10millions???? where the hell is the logic their so i think every UCL Team should have 20+ Million Euro Start As it's impossible to Win UCL With only using a 9.93 Mill Budget??? A budget that can't even afford Jese Rodriguez Or AnyOther 21/25 years old 87 rated Player Let's Make Move my soccer manager friends so the admin can hear us #IncreaseTheBudget
  10. help with tactic

    With Borussia Dortmund I Would advise you to sell Weidenfeller and buy a new goalkeeper such as ''Keylor Navas'' or ''Handanovic'' and as well buy a new right Back in likes of Dani Alves or Arbeola aswell sell Blaszcykowsi and loan out Kampl and finally Go With A 4-3-3 LW:Reus ------ST:Ramos--------RW:Aubameyang CM:Gundogan-----CAM:Kagawa-----CM:Sahin LB:Shmelzer------------CB:Subotic-------CB:Sokratis----------RB:Piszczek GK:Handanovic/KeylorNavas (If you buy them
  11. well the game should increase the Budget of transfer and as well you can't blame the game on they giving you less money than you want as the player is transfer listed so his price drops
  12. Finances help for championship sides

    well first of all welcome to soccer manage 2nd of all ii would advise you to start with buying F//A As Players Cost Alot In The Game 3rd I Would Advice you to Only Spend 60%-70% of your budget only As Players wages are took from your transfer Budget Wich would some times Cause you to have -(Budget) Such as ''-1Million $'' Wich on my believe Makes Players Morale Bad