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  1. Version 2.02

    Just for comfirmation: when are you going to add features like Sackings and job offers?
  2. I got a question???

    Does game speed have any effect on the results of a match? Someone told me if I make the speed 30x I will concede more goals than when I make the same 2x when playing a match. Is this true?
  3. Don't loke the fact that teams don't earn anything from cup games unless they win it. I took my Bournemouth team to the final of the English Cup which I lost. but I didn't earn anything. please make it like real life situation and let teams earn money from cup games in terms of how far they reach.
  4. Tactics

    The game can be more tactical. You can add tactical options like; Counter-attack, Possession based football, park the bus e.t.c.
  5. Changing Teams

    Yesss. Can't wait
  6. Think it would be very fun if the game is added to a feature which allows managers to change teams without having to start a new game. For instance, I help Bournemouth finish 5th in the Premier league and win the League Cup, I think I should be able to get an offer from the bigger teams eg. Everton, Tottenham etc. Please think about this. It makes the game very fun.