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  1. SM Worlds - Change Log

    Change log updated with latest changes made 23/11/16
  2. SM Worlds - Change Log

    Change log updated with latest changes made 19/10/2016
  3. There have been a number of complaints and concerns around cheat accounts within the game which are having a massive detrimental effect on numerous Game Worlds, and we are working hard in the background to devise a way in which we can tackle this issue going forward. Here is a quick summary of some the things we will be implementing: One of the first changes that we will be looking to make will be for any new accounts. For any that are created going forward, there will be a requirement for the user to confirm their email, so that we can verify them as a true individual. Until this is done, a user will be unable to make transfer deals and conduct other activities within the GW. This in itself will make it harder to create multiple accounts. Whilst this is by no means foolproof in itself it would require a lot more time and effort for somebody to create multiple accounts. On top of this we will be looking for existing users to confirm their email addresses as legitimate and up to date. By doing this, it will also have a number of other positive benefits for users in that for example you forget your login details then we will be in a position to send you password reset options etc. Many of you may have old or incorrect emails that you are currently registered on SM with, which means that in the event you forget your login details, we will be unable to help you. Also we are continuing to develop the Anti-cheat transfer monitoring system, which monitors any transfer activities going on within Game Worlds. Following on from that we will be developing an easier way for you to report cheating and multiple accounts. To further improve your Game World experiences, we will also be looking to take tougher measures with inactive managers, as these individuals to a certain extent cause as much damage to GWs as cheats. You will see these changes implemented over the coming weeks and we will keep you updated with progress and further changes we will make to tackle these highlighted issues so that you all have a more enjoyable experience of managing your clubs in Soccer Manager Worlds.
  4. SM Worlds - Change Log

    Change Log updated with latest changes made 04/10/2016
  5. SM Worlds - Change Log

    Change Log updated with latest changes that have been made to SM Worlds.
  6. Just to keep you all updated, Soccer Manager 2017 will be released on the 12th September 2016. Soccer Manager 2017 will have several exciting new features: Updated leagues and teams for 2016/17 season. Updated domestic and continental competitions. New user interface. New facilities upgrade. Player Spotlight. Player, manager and team awards. We are sorry about the delay that you have experienced, as we know that you are all keen to start your careers on Soccer Manager 2017. However we wanted to make sure that you have the best possible experience, and have been working hard to fix some issues that have arisen, in order to make sure that this becomes a reality for all members of our community. Thanks for all of your patience and we hope you enjoy all the latest updates.
  7. Evening chaps, just to keep you in the loop we have an update on the plans for the user interface going forward. If you want to know more, follow this link to the blog article - http://socm.io/o5
  8. The option for switching to the old interface is still available UFN to managers who played the game prior to the introduction of the new UI. Are any of you still experiencing issues in switching between the interfaces?
  9. Afternoon Guys, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and suggestions for new improvements and features. Some really great ideas there. We are going to be discussing these ideas in the coming weeks and will keep you posted when we have some updates as to what we will be working on going forward.
  10. Alright Chaps, following on from feedback we have received regarding the new Interface, we have made numerous changes over the last few months which you should have all noticed. What I am looking for now would be for you to provide me with feedback around the New Interface Specifically as to what you like and do not like and highlight any issues that you may be facing. Again as pointed out before, I am looking for constructive feedback only.
  11. Evening Guys, just to let you know we have been discussing the feedback that you have been giving us, which we do appreciate you doing. As a result of this, we are going to make some changes based on your feedback, which we hope to have in the test GWs in the near future. We will keep you updated with the specifics in due course. Cheers
  12. Evening Chaps, just wanted to acknowledge the concerns raised around the stadium capacities. Can I ask you to give me a little time, so that I can investigate the issues you have flagged and as soon as I get an update, will let you know. cheers
  13. Afternoon Chaps, Just to let you all know from WC 7th December we are going to offer our community the option of which interface that they use. This means that whilst we continue to make improvements to the new interface, existing managers can revert to the old interface for a set period of time. If you do decide to revert to the old interface, you will still experience the other changes that have been made. This will allow our existing community time to get used to the new interface before it is phased out permanently on the 11 January 2016.
  14. Hey Guys, thanks for taking time to give us feedback. Just to keep you all in the loop we are currently working on a number of issues which have been flagged by yourselves which should hopefully be resolved today, all being well 1) The menu boxes are being shrunk along with the squad and tactics page. This should stop a lot of scrolling and display more info on the page. 2) Chat issues are being fixed 3) Speed issues still being worked on 4) Link to Soccer Wiki being added back in 5) Certain pages like club are going to be allowed to be opened in new tabs 6) Visiting squad will default to first team 7) Shortlist issues will be fixed 8) Custom game world rules being added as cant currently see them 9) Adding separation between starting XI and subs 10) Adding ability to share certain things like results, transfer etc back to news feed 11) 'Clear Squad' option being added to tactics 12) Reviewing how video ads work when viewing a match report - e.g. for gold managers the number of these ads that they will see will be reduced So hopefully as stated above these changes will be implemented in time for the weekend
  15. We have acknowledged that there are 'loading speed' issues which as we speak are being addressed so we can improve this for you guys. In terms of the background everyone has he option of selecting a lighter or darker background based on their preferences. This can be done by clicking on 'account settings' in the top right corner. We realise its a big change from the norm and that there are issues that need ti be addressed but like anything lets at least give it a chance