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  1. Blocking Transfers ?????

    Hi guys, It's really annoying now that we can't block transfers coming through everyone is bidding for my spurs players etc like we were able to do before now we only have the option of unavailable for loan and no unavailable can this please be changed it's really annoying !!!!! :((
  2. So now everyone is bidding for them can we stop this please or have this option again
  3. Renew contracts

    Hi people, Well it seems now that we cant renew the players contracts I am not happy with this new set up you now have really good managers leaving the game I don't want to leave because its a good free game but after this update I might well leave after the new year I have stuck at it for 5 years and have enjoyed it until now what is going on why cant we have back the old system! ? ! ?Please bring back the old system!