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  1. An interesting league

    Hi! I have been playing in this game world since 2012 and it's the only game world in which I participate. It's a fun and interesting one, but sadly we are only three coaches at the moment. On the other hand it gives you as a potential new coach a lot of options, so I would recommend that you take a look at it, and it would be awesome if you'll join! World Championship 7559 All the best!
  2. I have a problem... Earlier when a player developed a concern for whatever reason, this could be solved by giving the player a bunch of money and a better wage... Nowadays I can't do anything when a player gets concerned. There is no solution. What to do?!
  3. Populate the league please

    Found it!
  4. Populate the league please

    I looked for it, but there is no league with that particular ID it seems...
  5. Populate the league please

    I will. Game World ID?
  6. I've been playing in this league only, and I have done it since 2012. Now, since people forget to log on every now and then, we are only four active managers which means that the league is under "threat". It's a really funny league, so I would be happy if anyone would give it a look. All the best! Game World ID: 36221 (World Championship 7559)
  7. Game World 36221

    I'm playing in a game world that is dying since some people forget to log on every now and then. It is a really interesting league, so please join! The ID to join this league is 36221. Good luck!