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  1. Youth Academy ( Soccer Manager 2016)

    You can send out your scouts to get youth players from around the world. Go to "Club" then "Scouting". Make sure to select youth players for each scout
  2. *Cannot load game save. 3 seasons in?

    Did you ever get this resolved as I am having the same problem, Cant sign into my single player account
  3. Hi there, After re-installing windows on my pc, I can't seem to load up my single player save game. I can load up soccermanager, log in, then when I try load up my save game it just freezes my browser, I have used Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers but the same thing happens. I never had this problem before I re-installed windows? Any suggestions? Thank you for your time
  4. Need managers for new World Championship

    Only three teams taken, all the big clubs still left. Strong economy, just looking for friendly play. I will accept anyone's request promptly. Look forward to playing!!! World ID- 264147