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  1. Too early to tell Ian Harkes and Alex Crognale (bargain for 38k) from this list: Kortne Ford, Nick Lima (mentioned by muallan) and Julian Gressel (mentioned by mullan)
  2. I would keep for now
  3. Panagiotis Retsos 77 -----> 82 Also, Leonardo Koutris 76 -----> 80 the other day.
  4. Didn't know about that, tragic news I would think so judging from some of the edits on soccerwiki but I don't know for sure. Not sure about that really. But they definitely deserved much higher rises.
  5. Think Golovin should have gotten 86. Subsequently, Kutepov couldn't have gotten a +3 as it would have been a joke to rate him above Golovin. Up next: Belgium List of Belgium risers: Also, Erik Majetschak added today. Transfer rumours about Barca and City being interested.
  6. Wow, great list of young, upcoming defenders. Hard to pick but probably Anton, Stephens and Barreca. Jemerson, Bartra and Musacchio have a high rating but I don't think they'll get much more than a +1 at their current level of performances. I would consider selling those 3. Yep, +3 Nope
  7. Exposed last season but he definitely has the quality to be at least a 90/91 rated player. Think a lot can change within one season and that he doesn't need an outstanding season to get to 90. Just a relatively consistent season with regular playing time can get him a +1.
  8. Henrichs, Lindelof, Nacho and Stones,
  9. Best 70 Rated Risers Daleho Irandust Age: 19 Position: AM (RLC) Club: BK Hacken Rating: 70 Predicted rating: 76 Started 6 games, came on as a sub 4 times and scored 2 goals. Ian Harkes Age: 22 Position: M ( C ) Club: D.C. United Rating: 70 Predicted rating: 76 Started 12 games and came on as a sub once. Reuven Niemeijer Age: 22 Position: AM ( C ) Club: Heracles Almelo Rating: 70 Predicted rating: 75 Started 7 games, came on as a sub 4 times and scored 3 goals. Brooks Lennon Age: 19 Position: AM, F (RLC) Club: Real Salt Lake Rating: 70 Predicted rating: 76 On loan from Liverpool. Started 9 games and scored 1 goal. Impressive for the USA at the U-20 World Cup. Juan Cascini Age: 20 Position: M ( C ) Club: Estudiantes de LP Rating: 70 Predicted rating: 76 Started 9 matches, came on as a sub twice and scored 1 goal. BONUS Alex Crognale Age: 22 Position: D ( C ) Club: Columbus Crew Rating: 67 Predicted rating: 74 Started 7 games and came on as a sub 4 times. Aaron Long Age: 24 Position: D, DM ( C ) Club: New York RB Rating: 73 Predicted rating: 78 Started 16 games. Marcus Wendel Age: 19 Position: M ( C ) Club: Fluminense Rating: 73 Predicted rating: 77/78 Started 8 games and scored 1 goal. Felix Beijmo Age: 19 Position: D, DM, M ( R ) Club: Djurgardens IF Rating: 73 Predicted rating: 78 Started 12 games.
  10. Around September. Maybe Belgium or Ukraine? Dimata and Amani got reviewed recently. Updates on this particular list or a new list? Would everyone like a new edition? Know of some good 70 rated risers right now.
  11. Ivan Oblyakov 75 -----> 80 Igor Bezdenezhnykh 77 -----> 80 Pavel Alikin 78 -----> 80 Dmitri Zhivoglyadov 78 -----> 80
  12. Let's not reignite this debate haha
  13. Next one is probably around september Younes
  14. Didn't think he was all that impressive and that he would get a transfer to the top 5 leagues so soon but maybe I was wrong. Agree that Hoffenheim is a good place to start establishing himself.
  15. Dominik Dinga 77 -----> 78 Sergey Podoksyonov 70 -----> 73 List of Russian risers: