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  1. Firstly, love what you guys are doing, great job!! I know this has probably been suggested many times before but an expansion on player stats would be very welcome. I understand it must be very difficult to create and maintain a database the size of the old championship managers where players had 25 attributes but I'd love to know that my decision to bring Mandzukic on for the last twenty and go direct actually means something like it does in real life! I believe the attributes assigned to players on soccer wiki have some bearing in the match engine, maybe this could be confirmed? An advanced set piece creation system would be good, even if it's choosing from pre-designed set pieces in certain areas of the pitch and assigning key personnel to certain roles. The introduction of pre/post match press conferences could be quite interesting. The given answers could have subsequent effects on players and fans and therefore morale and team performance etc.? The 'top managers in game world' graphic should be more prevalent, perhaps even on the main screen, where each manager's trophy cabinet is displayed to celebrate past victories but also incite more competitiveness between friends. Last quick one, don't know if this is happening to everybody but messi, ronaldo and others are not showing up on my transfer screen when searching for players with no parameters set (or even with)! Also, The transfer search could be tinkered with to allow specific age searches. Limmy14