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  1. I have been playing Soccer Manager 2016 for a few months, and I appreciate its simplicity and ease of use, plus the user friendly interface. But to be honest there are many things that needs to be urgently fixed to make the game more realistic and more entertaining in the long term. Here is my list: 1) Improve Transfer market: I don´t know about you, but in my game other teams are basically never buying new players. This means that rosters are the same year after year..with the difference that old players retire and then top teams become worse. In real life football teams buy 10 or more players every season. 2) Loans: I can barely loan any of my young talents to other teams. This must be improved. Also I suggest that young players who actually play matches develop faster than the ones who are never being employed (so strong teams are more forced to loan them out, helping smaller teams as well, like in real life) 3) Substitutions: I have never seen any of my opponents changing tactics or performing substitutions during a match…this is totally unrealistic. Plus number of red and yellow cards is ridiculous and number of injuries as well 4) Money: Even with top teams winning the Champions League every year I keep struggling with lack of money..how is that possible? Prices to winners of CL and EL should be definitely increased, with bonuses for each stage. 10 Millions (or less) for the winner is nothing..same with national competitions 5) Possibility to expand stadium and eventually develop some sort of merchandasing (for example buying famous players increase average attendance to the stadium and you sell more shirts or so) 6) My strikers are always performing really poorly. I have 6 out of the 10 best strikers in the game, I keep rotating them, they score lot of goals and average rating is always below 6..how is that possibile? 7) I would like to see performances of my players in national and international cups as well and not only in national competitions 8) Tactis: I have played a lot with different tactics options and to be honest I do not feel they impact the game at all. Changing mentality, passing style, pressing and so on..i do not see it reflected in how my team plays and its perfromances. Also I believe teams should perform better when using the same tactis over and over again, so there should be some rating system like: 4-4-2 50%, 4-3-3 30% and so on. The more you use it the better team morale and performances..so changing tactic should take time before it becomes effective. 9) Contracts: Yes contracts should expire after 1-2-3-4 whatever years..and it should be possibile to make free transfers of top playes whom contracts are about to expire..the number of players in free transfer list should increase, while you see always the same one season after season (and how can it possibily be that none is hiring them??). Same with your players. Ever 2-3 years you must renegotiate the contract..they will ask for more then you decide if make a new deal or to sell them 10) Crashes: my game keeps crashing all the time..that´s really annoying. And sometimes you need to re-play some of the games 11) Fixed results: Have you ever experienced after crashing, loading game again and seeing matches ending exactly with the same results as before?? So does it mean that results are decided beforehands? 12) Managers: I would like to see managers changing from one team to another like in real life. Each one of them with his own reputations, preferred playing style..which will affect the new team tactics, morale, and also transfer market (maybe one player is willing to follow his old manager to his new team and so on) 13) Press conference: As it is now pretty useless. You can only praise your players else morale will drop. I suggest to either improve it with new options, or to discard it 14) It is always the same teams being promoted and relegated. After player italian serie A for 8 seasons I have seen only 4 teams being promoted regularly from serie B to serie A. In real life that is not the case 15) Introduce new leagues and competitions, possibility for the manager to change team 16) It would be nice to introduce a totally new feature: possibility to create your own team, where you decide the logo, the colours, the name, and you start from lower leagues. On top of that I would love to have an editor allowing me to create my own competitions like an european super league, or changing Serie A from 20 to 12 teams, or changing relegation and promotion rules and so on. That would be amazing!