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  1. Welling United Career Mode

    So a while ago I made a Welling United career mode after failing multiple times with Excelsior, Kidderminster Harriers and Borussia M'Gladbach. After a very shaky start the team got up and running and we managed to become champions in the National League. But now that I've done that the team expects me to gain promotion to the League One this season. Is this because of the overall strength of the squad or the way I won the title in the National League? (I won the league on the last day of the season.) I'd also really like to hear a few good players to loan/buy with less than 150k of money left. Furthermore I'd like to hear your best career mode stories as well.
  2. A youth league system that would go up in the leagues along with the first team. Basically all clubs will use youth players that have already been put into the game beforehand but the player can scout young talents to use in these leagues as well. The max age for a player can only be 21 and a player can at max play 10 games in the first team before he cannot be played in the youth team anymore. This way the younger talents can get alot more experience and their overalls will go up alot more, but this will also have to be managed by the player. It may also be nice to have the ability to turn the youth leagues on and off before a game is begun. It would also be awesome to see more leagues so every country has more teams in it. In my head it would be well balanced like this: England, 6-7 leagues| Germany, Italy, Spain and France, 4 leagues| Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, 3 leagues| Create-Your-Own-Club mode, to have the ability to create your own club from scratch (You have to take the place of the worst team in the country you pick to play in to make it fair) would be awesome. You'd be given a max budget for wages and transfers before the start of the 1st season. So for example a max wage budget of 7.5k a week in wages, with that money you'd have to get at least 3 goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 7 midfielders and 4 forwards to begin your game. Then you get just enough money to go through a full season without making any transfers, youth players will be put into the first team alot more often in the first season so the player would have the option to either sell the youth player or a first team player to get in more money for the next season. It would also be awesome if you could decide what your team's youth academy will focus on in terms of playstyle so you can get the players you want through a sort of funneling system. This in turn would mean that for the latest idea in this list both the Create-Your-Own-Club mode and Youth Leagues have to be implemented. But just in general to have the option to create your own club would be absolutely amazing. But for me I care more about the addition of more leagues and the ability to create your own club above anything else. I have yet to find a game like Soccer Manager that actually has my beloved Almere City FC in it.
  3. Currently I miss several leagues. Most notable for me are that countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain deserve at least 4 professional leagues and Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Russia deserve 3. For me especially Holland can only get a max of 3 since they are moving to a completely new system in terms of league setups. I'd also love to play with my hometown club of Almere City FC or maybe some unknown teams from big countries. It would also be awesome if every team would have a youth team that would play against other youth teams so your young talents will improve over time as well as gettimg experience. But what would be even more epic is creating your own club. Make it start with a test version for only the English leagues. Your club begins in the Conference Premier and takes the place of the worst team in the league, you then have to get your own club to glory. These are just very few ideas but theu would be awesome if they were to be implemented.