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  1. A new risers thread

    Could it als be decided this way? https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method5/ccoef2018.html Country coefficients seem to be used for the big 5 end-of-season review (contrary to the one in winter). Germany is being reviewed now. After that one the order would be France, Italy, Spain and finally the PL.
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I don't know if this was posted already but can't hurt either way: https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method5/ccoef2018.html Country coefficients seem to be used for the big 5 end-of-season review (contrary to the one in winter). Germany is being reviewed now. After that one the order would be France, Italy, Spain and finally the PL.
  3. Official Manchester United Thread

    @TalentSearcher hiding? A trophyless season. Despite it being Mourinho's trademark peak second season.
  4. Pretty much the same but replace Edmilson with Tielemans. Despite not having the best of seasons you'd mainly bring Tielemans to gain experience. Some of our midfielders are getting older and IIRC Fellaini is thinking about retiring from international football. Bobby doesn't trust Radja with defensive duties and will use him higher up the pitch. Denayer is one of the younger defenders and the fastest. Most of our CBs aren't really speedfreaks. Hard to drop any of the defenders you named, I'm hoping all will be fit, but Kabasele would be at the bottom of the pecking order. I'd rather keep Kabasele because our defence is ageing and drop Chadli, who has hardly played this season (less than half a game in 2018). Bobby feels J.Lukaku, Meunier, T.Hazard and Carrasco can be used at the wingback positions. Benteke was injured back then (or Wilmots wouldn't have added Origi). Had Origi on my shortlist but Batsman was the No.1, for me and many others, so was still a bit surprised (despite Batsman's discipline issues).
  5. @thorgan lesar yes, I'm also looking forward to it. Your 23 man squad looks good. Junior Edmilson would be making his debut as an international and I don't think Bobby will call up a new face for the World Cup.
  6. https://www.ruhrnachrichten.de/Sport/BVB/Vorstoss-bei-Michy-Batshuayi-wenn-der-Preis-stimmt-1277753.html Dortmund can't/won't pay the €57m asking price for Batsman but could try to get him on a loan again. This time for the whole of 2018/19. The source usually is quite trustworthy with regards to BVB. Like it says in the tweet below the move balances on the plans of who'll be Chelsea manager next season. https://twitter.com/HLNinEngeland/status/987432462518190080 Hoping Batsman gets fit again soon.
  7. Sounds like Atleti have let the option to buy expire. We'll have to wait and see where Dendoncker moves next.
  8. Alderweireld did see a lot of the bench when he was at Atleti. Competition was incredibly high. He did say he learned a lot from Simeone, making him a better rounded player and he didn't regret the move at all despite the limited amount of time he spent on the pitch.
  9. They could loan him out and ease him in later. He needs another step but if he's loaned out to a la Liga side he can already adapt to the league. I'd rather he didn't go to Man United (Mourinho).
  10. Atlético have a first option to buy Leander Dendoncker this summer for 20 million euros. http://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/atletico-madrid/20180417/442642507800/atletico-madrid-acuerdo-preferencial-leander-dendoncker.html
  11. A new risers thread

    Good argument, I love the bit about Europe. Granted both Holland and Belgium had a nightmare in Europe this year. Yet Eredivisie clubs have been dire in Europe for almost the entire decade (sure there wasn't much between these two this year but for so many years it was a lot). From 2012 onwards they've been massively outperformed by Belgian clubs. When your argument is that Belgium's review, at the top end, should really be fairly cautious due to the abject failure in Europe why not be consistent and say Eredivisie players should already have been rated a fair bit lower compared to those in Belgium? Currently that's not the case. Quite the contrary, even if Belgium's upcoming review were a generous one for a change. Just look at the massive gap between Holland and Belgium on the 2017/18 ranking. That gap won't be closed any time soon. So will it take decades (plural) for it to be reflected in the player ratings? For 2018/19 there's even the possibility that none of the Eredivisie clubs reach the CL or EL group stage while at least three Belgian clubs are guaranteed to be in the group stage. Belgian clubs could be outperforming Dutch ones in the next decade as well but I wouldn't be surprised if Eredivisie players are still being rated higher. For years Belgian clubs have been deserving of a more generous review. I'd say the time is more than ripe for ratings to reflect where Holland and Belgium place in the country rankings.
  12. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Looking at the tweet below I expect Löw's starting line-up for Russia2018 to be: Neuer (if fit) - Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels, Hector - Khedira, Kroos - Müller, Özil, Reus (if fit) - Werner. Seeing Löw is quite loyal, and conservative when it comes to bedding in youngsters/new faces, I'm expecting P. Max doesn't stand a chance. IMHO, a mistake. If Kimmich is injured/dip in form/serving a suspension/... a CB or Can probably will have to cover. The fullbacks, starters/cover, seem to be a bigger woe than the CBs again. In the tweet you can see how great Germany's depth is except at fullback/wingback (Henrichs probably won't make the final 23). As Löw has used wingbacks (in friendlies, the Confed. Cup, etc.) P. Max could have been a great addition (even more assists/game at LWB). Sané could also be a LWB option but it's a pretty hard position to get right (and you need an extra set of lungs to get up and down the pitch). Should have selected Hector and Max (instead of Plattenhardt). Löw has made his fullbacks responsible for providing width in a possession-based system, while wingers play more centrally as inverted playmaking wingers (the likes of Reus, Götze, Özil, Draxler, Müller, et al. have been used like that for years). If fit I'm guessing Reus starts on the left and Sané could even be 3rd choice behind Draxler. Then Özil and Müller are nailed on starters for Löw. As depth on the right isn't as good as it seems in the tweet Sané probably has more of a chance there (2nd choice, behind Müller). Sané will most likely be the biggest victim of how Löw likes to set up Germany. On form this season I'd say Sané deserves to be in the starting line-up yet I doubt Löw will start him/go with a system more suited to Sané. It's unlikely Germany will struggle much in their build-up play, and to a lesser extent when transitioning from defending to attacking, however they could struggle a bit more when having to transition from attack to defence. There's not that much Fingerspitzengefühl, especially for the holding role. Khedira and Kroos having to snuff out danger time and again is a bit of a gamble. The other big ? is how Werner will fare. He'll have to be more clinical because he won't get as many chances in Russia and he's inexperienced at this level. OTOH Germany shares the goals around and they have plenty of players that know how to find the back of the net. @Der Chefscout @-JMH- your thoughts, please.
  13. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Guessing Gaitan is happy he's there as Carrasco saved him from asphyxiation. I wish Carrasco had been less greedy though. He still had steps to take.