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  1. Most likely the chairman will add a random GK (a very cheap one). I've seen this happen to unmanaged sides (but not to managed sides). Best way to keep a healthy budget while (over)spending more on wages than your club can handle is to do some reeling and dealing. Sell as soon as transfer ban ends (don't get attached to names and in case of a review try to get as many risers). If you constantly make profits on player sales you can afford to lose money on wages. However I try to break even while winning as many prizes as possible. My wage bill is disgusting but I usually show a small profit without player sales (and make massive profits on player sales).
  2. Had je gewaarschuwd. Weinigen liggen wakker van Belgisch voetbal (vooral in het buitenland ontbreekt interesse). Op andere platforms is het niet veel beter en dan moet je nog eens rekening houden dat dit forum stervende is (bijna iedereen is samengeklit in de ratings threads waar de meesten posten omdat het relevant is voor dit game).
  3. I'm guessing the title has been decided last weekend. A bit odd after they've only won 1 (one) game this season but hey-ho, congrats City.
  4. AFAIK that's still a thing. At the start of the month the value goes down of players that had their birthday the month before. So 1st of September the value goes down of players that turned e.g. 23 in August. Kimpembe turned 22 so he's safe for another year. Berardi OTOH turned 23 in August and will drop from 14m to 12m when the month of August ends (just after the stroke of midnight, London time) To illustrate, 89 rated players are valued: - before the age of 23: from 14m (concerns can still lower this value though) to 20m (the likes of Jesus, Sule, Donnarumma) => they can still fluctuate in value before the first day of the month following their 23th birthday. - 23yo - 24yo: 12m (no more volatility; rating needs to go up/down in order to increase/decrease value) - 25yo - 26yo: 10m - 27yo or older lose a bit of value on the first day of every month Gabigol (87) is valued 10m and has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. He only turns 21yo though. Still his "potential" might be reevaluated downwards. Pulisic (14m) has the highest, no 87 rated players are valued 12m, a bunch at the 10m level, 8m and the bottom level (7m for 87 rated players younger than 23yo). Maybe this time Gabigol loses a bit of value the day he turns 21yo (SM might not change it though). I haven't really bothered with this aspect even though I have plenty of "volatile" under 23s (but have seen other <23yo players's value adjusted on their birthday).
  5. Sniping tool (windows knipprogramma) > ga naar imgur.com > uploaden > link kopieren en hier plakken Ik gebruik 't redelijk veel. Je kan ook content op dit forum drag&droppen maar imgur heeft minder beperkingen en 't blijft lang bewaard (soms hou ik imgur links bij).
  6. Guessing Conte was expecting more of this... @TalentSearcher it's a glorified friendly. Who even cares... Oh yea that's right, Manure customers are tin-pot cup chasers, s-sorry guys it's n-not on this year, WHAAAAAAAA... Hmmm that most common of all Liverpool sayings: "this year is our year, la"
  7. Jordi Condom (Eupen's manager), what a laughable name. I mean who even calls their kiddo Jordi, LMAO.
  8. Essevee with all those Belgian flags in the starting line-up (Michy's little brother, who IIRC declared he only wants to play for Belgium, getting minutes as well) a Belgian club with so many Belgian players that's unheard of ATM leading the league and also directly qualified for the EL LMAO other clubs should take note. Belgians do well abroad and it turns out that Belgian clubs too can do well if they have a few Belgians of their own.
  9. Last year we ended only 0.233 points behind Ukraine who'll get another year of being top seeds and better chances in the CL (which we should have taken from them but we spilled too many points). IF Brugge had beaten Dnipro and made the final instead we would have been well ahead of Ukraine the year before as well + Anderlecht would have been top seeds in this year's CL draw (last time Anderlecht were in pot 4 ffs and then did very well but regretfully failed to see out a few games). That's just one tie where Brugge focused on the league instead (like they did in last year's CL) and there were so many games that Belgian clubs could have won if they only didn't concede in the dying minutes, let alone games where Belgian clubs lost against a complete underdog like Altach, the collapse of Standard who used rake in the points from Europe, etc.. Currently we've overtaken Ukraine but are about 2.5 points behind Portugal, ... we're not there yet, we still have a lot of heavy lifting to do, even assuming our clubs donot drop the ball this year. I already miss Genk and Gent in Europe because I fear this year will undo all the hard work of the previous years. The 2016 ranking determined the number of places for this year and Portugal were still ahead of France on that ranking (and the ruskies were breathing down the necks of the frenchies). Poortugal have an unsustainable "league" (but yea there are "reasons" why their top clubs are up there). Still France have recently started implementing their ambitious vision for the future and with PSG + Monaco it will be less of a top 4 +1 and more of an indisputable top 5. Basically we'll be aiming for 6th place (incl. an extra CL spot). ATM doing well this year and the next provides a great opportunity to reach that 6th place. If Belgian clubs hadn't spilled as many points as they did from 2014 onwards (+ failing to improve our seeding) Russia would have had to outperform us in the next two years or Belgian clubs could have afforded a somewhat poorer year. However as things stand Belgian clubs still need to outperform Russia in the next 2 years (with poorer seeding) and a poor year, like it's shaping up to be, virtually closes the window of opportunity. Anderlecht, Brugge and Zulte very much need to limit the damage this year or if Belgian clubs want that extra CL spot they'll end up praying both Portugal and Russia screw up badly this year or the next. PS if Russia2018 has a massive impact on football in Russia the top 6 might be set. I can see Portugal revert to the old days (minus Eusebio period) if TPO/loopholes/money-laundering/corruption/... are more or less eradicated (they already struggle to cope with the extra competition for talents from Brazil and are losing their best scouts/youth development expertise/...). A BeNe league would have given France a good run for their money (probably could have been a stable top 5) and even though it's too late, unlike in the early 90s-Belgium/Holland2000, to give us a massive boost a BeNe League should still comfortably place 5th-7/8th if it was created in the near future. There's no difference between 7th and 8th place and IMO that's the best Belgium on its own can hope for now (although if so many points hadn't been spilled 6th + an extra CL spot would have been on).
  10. Going from knocking out Spurs to being beaten by Altach must be a bitter pill for Gent. Not expecting that we'll replicate or even improve upon last season's results but this season we could end up undoing the hard work of previous years. Holland is just one of the countries we could lose ground to. I'm more bothered about Turkey and Ukraine. We should have overtaken the latter last year (lost out on top seed status during the CL draw) and we would have overtaken them already if less points had been spilled in the last 5 years. Especially now that overtaking Portugal is within reach and Russia isn't too far off Belgian clubs should be salivating at the prospect of an extra CL spot. Hoping another upset happens and somehow Zenit fail (probably won't happen). Braga almost were knocked out. A shame really, would have been a big boost.
  11. The coefficient will suffer with two teams out already. Gent losing 4-2 on agg. to lowly Altach, SMH, there's really no excuse for losing against a side like that. EL is Brugge's level anyway. They can do more good there as losing every game in the CL doesn't help the coefficient at all. We need Brugge to reach the group phase and do well (for once go all out, even when the play-offs start and you're on a deep run in the EL), starting with 2 wins against AEK, please. Not that found of Greek teams (remember last time Anderlecht beat Olympiakos; that ref was clearly bribed, but hey-ho that's Olympiakos). Hopefully we'll see Zulte + Brugge getting results in the EL and Anderlecht putting up a very good fight in the CL (maybe see out the games that you're winning this time and advance to the KO stages like Gent did).
  12. Nah I was on my way back home during the game.
  13. @TalentSearcher are you upset? Better contact Manure's customer care, bébé. Again, you demonstrate a complete lack of reading comprehension. Do you think this was in his Atleti days: "added 2 PL titles since his last rise; the most recent one in a record breaking season + won the golden glove as well" (also won a league cup but hey-ho it's only customers like you that value tin pot cups). Throughout his career Courtois consistently performed at the highest level, amassed a boatload of relevant silverware at a very young age and in that 1 (one) season, the straw you keep grasping at, he was injured (he hardly played any games before Mouyes completely lost it/was sacked and Hiddink, usually playing the kiddos as the season was already lost, set a new record for the longest unbeaten streak as a new manager in the PL when Courtois returned from injury, in before: nobody cares about these sort of "records"). De Gea's haul is very limited despite having 2 years on Courtois. Just 1 (one) relevant trophy in De Gea's entire career (Courtois's rating being lower than De Gea's looks odd when you compare their contributions to their club's trophy cabinet, their CL record and performances for country). When starting out at Manure De Gea was woeful and eventually was dropped (only returned to the starting line-up because his replacement was injured). He still got a +1 while being horribly underwhelming and heavily criticized. Then in 2013 he ended joint-fifth in the race for the golden glove (unlike Courtois he has never won it), another +1, TBF that was the year of De Gea's only relevant trophy in his entire career. Now we enter the most recent time-frame during which De Gea contributed to poor PL finishes (7th - 4th - 5th - 6th in the last 4 years) + did f a in the CL and for country as usual. Without De Gea's saves it could have been worse than 7th place (Januzaj was good that year too, lmao who cares, still nowhere near a 4th place "trophy" let alone challenging for the title). Courtois only got his 93 after contributing to Atleti's title and breaking la Liga's duopoly, winning his 2nd Zamora trophy, becoming a CL finalist, ... In the same time-frame of Courtois's last +1 De Gea was handed 3 (three) rises while the latter contributed to nothing but poor PL finishes (7th - 4th - 5th - 6th) + was inferior in the CL and for country. The season De Gea was gifted his 94 rating he failed to win the golden glove, as always, and Manure came in 5th (fifth). Again, Courtois "added 2 PL titles since his last rise; the most recent one in a record breaking season + won the golden glove as well". A +1 for Courtois is well overdue. PS in last year's EL it was Romero between the sticks instead of De Gea. De Gea had little to do with it, sweetie. It's a tin pot cup anyway as Manure's path with nothing but soft opponents clearly showed. Inter's exit, lmao, Spurs v. Gent, lmao, "get killed in the final", lmao, Manure literally faced schoolchildren in that tie. Also, the liverpool "comedy gold" was already used on you (I'm happy you liked it and are trying to reuse the "banter"). http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/11531-official-manchester-united-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3182144
  14. Courtois contributed to 3 titles in the last 4 years (even breaking la Liga's duopoly). CL finalist in 2014 and he has obviously a better record in the CL than De Gea. De Gea contributed to poor PL finishes (7th - 4th - 5th - 6th). Did f a in the CL. TBF Manure are a joke in the PL and CL now. Based purely on merit Manure's squad cap is ridiculously generous. Despite having 2 years on Courtois, it's only the 1 (one) title in De Gea's entire career while Courtois already is looking to add to his 4 titles (added 2 PL titles since his last rise; the most recent one in a record breaking season + won the golden glove as well). Courtois was massive in Atleti's Copa del Rey win over Real Madrid, he has done better in Europe and for country he has been far better than De Gea without a shadow of doubt. De Gea is very much the exception. There's no player rated 94 or higher that contributed to a side with such poor "results" in the last 4 (four) years, not even on Sevilla (with sligthly better finishes in a better league and 3 successive EL trophies). As a reminder, against Manure's soft opponents in last year's EL it was Romero between the sticks instead of De Gea.
  15. Guess who was at the Bosuil (well, near Bosuil as I didn't go in). Got injured too (but just because I was running through Antwerp all day long).