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  1. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Apologies, one final post to show how Brussels feels, where I'm from. Congrats Croatia. No need for riots, Paris, it's supposed to be a celebration.
  2. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Kill-joy, we were having such fun.
  3. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    And undoubtedly you would go on for several pages bringing up one non-argument after the other. You already have admitted France wasn't the best team in Russia (despite it being very important to you not to hurt the feelings of the French). Still, I'm pleased we can agree about that. Here I'll even help you to better express your love for the frenchies: Take your own advice and pm me, instead of derailing this thread. Thanking you in advance for the laughs.
  4. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    yawn Try to rank Argentina's performance (pro-tip: they were awful) The numerous 'frenchiesï»ż' in the forum, you mean đŸ€Ł
  5. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Where's the bitterness (pro-tip, it's only in your head). Next time just say: "U mad". "reeked of bitterness", come on try harder but thanks for the laughs. You still seem to struggle with the idea that the team that lifts the cup wasn't necessarily the best team in the tournament. If it's so easy for you to say it about Portugal when they won the Euros, why are you now running to France's defence? Are you a frog or a frog bandwagoner perhaps? "numerous teams also from Europe" Why embellish? It doesn't make for a stronger argument. Quite the contrary. A dysfunctional Argentina and Cavani-less Uruguay aren't from Europe. TBH the scoreline flattered Argentina but they're still not European (and Croatia were better when they played the argies). France played 3 and won against 2 UEFA sides, yes that's plural, however calling "2" numerous is a bit much. France weren't really impressive in any of their games, starting with scraping through in the opener against the lowly aussies until the end. On the whole, the quality of play in Russia wasn't great but regardless it was a very amusing World Cup.
  6. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    My short and sweet reply addressed Punch's post. It's a simple statement of fact, not even a moan, nor is saying water is wet or the ball is round for that matter. Croatia weren't the best team either, as was made clear in the KO rounds (still their 3-0 win over Argentina in the groups đŸ’Ș). Would it have ruined your romantic view of the 'joy of sport' in case a 4m strong country had won their first star? Of course not. At least you agree that France weren't the best team in Russia (= exactly the extent of my post). Turns out there isn't even a point of contention in here. I'm not from Portugal but they are indeed a likeable bunch. Especially after winning a title which lots of arrogant frenchies thought they had some sort of divine right over (and then trolling them hard). Frenchies trolling Croatians OTOH, not a good look. I don't even mind frenchies being arrogant, they can't help themselves really, but it's their lack of hygiene that's appaling. It is said that the french coq is the only animal that is proud to stand on a pile of manure (that's more about their often unwarranted arrogance though). Croatia OTOH is a lovely country with very nice people. A much better holiday destination than the South of France, which is dirty and basically falling apart.
  7. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sorry mate, your words, it only counts on the day. Or are we moving the goal posts. OK they're the best until the next international break then. Besides Portugal are still reigning European Champions (until the next EC). Your logic has France as best team in the world but not the best in Europe. Objectively, France were +/- the 3rd best team in Russia.
  8. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I like this bit. France were Champions yesterday but obviously doesn't mean their the best team today haha
  9. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Poor bait. Oddly, while their team won the whole thing there are quite a few frenchies that feel the need to self-aggrandize or deflect criticism by whining about other national teams/players. Poor form and it's the sort of nonsense they often pull. Yet the frenchies are then annoyed and mystified by why people don't like them.
  10. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    De Gea gets the Lead Gloves Award for being the worst GK at the World Cup. Well, after a trophyless season that's at least something I guess. Seeing he didn't win anything at club level they should have waited to hand him the highest rating for a goalie, until Russia was over. Granted he was great in the first half of last season but his form started slipping in the second half. He wasn't any good in the FA Cup final and with Spain he has been abysmal in Russia. I feel bad for Spain. Spain before DDG 2008 => European Champions 2010 => World Champions 2012 => European Champions Spain since DDG 2014 => group stage exit 2016 => R16 exit 2018 => R16 exit IDK if having him in the team is bad luck but at club level the flow of silverware also dried up.
  11. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Not even the best team in Europe. Portugal are the current European Champions after all. Pro-tip: the best team doesn't always win.
  12. I would have liked Martinez to try and beat France with a 3-4-3 diamond (not to change our formation too much and make it easier on our players). Martinez is Catalan after all and if he remembered when Barca played like this he could have reused/updated some of those ideas which proved to be very effective against solid defences and to prevent counters (it took years for opponents to catch on). Martinez has recycled old ideas before and in general tactics from football's past do resurface (in new adaptations). Deschamps would definitely play cautiously, focus on stability and with Mbappé they're very deadly on the counter. 3-4-3 diamond (with condolences to the late Johan Cruijff) - Fellaini was perfect for the Bakero role (operating near the top of the midfield circle but with Fellaini's attributes he could even move higher). Fellaini is very much a team player, physically strong, our best in aerial duels, can chest down a ball like nobody else, hold it up, wage war in midfield, ... His main task would have been to function as a target: receiving passes from our defence/distributors, knocking balls on towards the front three, laying balls off for the players facing the goal, holding it up for others to find space, etc. He can join the attack if we have possession or press if e.g. we didn't win the second ball. Fellaini was in great form and because he's such a great weapon in international football should have been used more. - Alderweireld doesn't have to be the main distributor sitting in front of the back three, looking for passes to mainly Fellaini or others, if they've found more space, but the benefit is that he can tuck in to make a back 4 in our defensive shape. Alderweireld and Vertonghen had acres of space in the semis and alternatively you could have let them distribute the ball (replacing Vermaelen with Witsel to shield the backline). Tielemans's vision and passing range are very rare in such a young player. Especially in the coming years he could be a great option as a distributor. KDB could also direct play from deep but I'd play him higher. - KDB and Nainggolan would be facing the opponent's goal and can immediately combine with our front three. In case our distributors find Fellaini, or another target, you're advancing with one-touch football, our players can create space for each other, drag defenders out to destroy the defensive shape, etc. It would have made it a lot harder on the French defence. They would have to make difficult decisions non-stop and sooner or later they'd make a mistake. If you didn't keep the ball, 6 second rule. - could go on but this post is more than long enough.
  13. I did, I'm talking about Radja again now and will do it some more whenever if I please. We definitely could have used him in the semis against France. Remember the last time we faced France (ahead of EURO2016)? Radja completely dominated them, he was everywhere, the French media and supporters were in awe at the sheer volume, at what a player he is. Lately I've hardly seen Belgium press high, sure against minnows, but that's it. Against any decent team our pressing is inconsistent to almost non-existent (anywhere on the pitch, except for a bit of spiderpressing). You sometimes see our players getting annoyed at how poor our pressing has become. In case of a high press, no team can sustain it for 90' yet any team can put in the effort during stretches in the game. We didn't try despite winning the ball high up the pitch, with the French leaving their trenches to counter, would have been our best shot at breaking down their defences. Deschamps would have been happy with a bloodless 0-0. Martinez could have given him this "pleasure". Still what's the point of playing over 120 minutes of ultra-defensive football, could as well skip more than two hours of avoiding any risk, and immediately gamble on the lottery of a penalty shoot-out.
  14. I'd like Belgium to press aggressively, particularly in transition. It could prove to be the best way to beat Brazil. A shame Nainggolan was left out. He could have made his impact felt in this game (at the very least as a supersub). Such a great ballwinner and when played higher up the pitch, like in recent seasons, he either snuffs out danger/allows us to transition into our defensive shape, e.g. before the opposition has a chance to launch a counter, or he wins the ball closer to the opponent's goal which usually allows you to create better chances than when you win it in your defensive third. BTW Radja is not only the best tackler and ballwinner in Italy but he also created the most chances in Serie A and the CL for Roma since 2015/16. Brazil can also limit any team to shots from distance. I'm tired of watching Witsel miss the target over and over again. Guess who can hit the target and has scored lots of screamers (a hint: it's Radja). Expecting Tite to play cautiously again and focus on stability. Brazil have faced only 5 shots on target in all their Russia2018 games combined, yet could face more in our QF game alone. Maybe Martinez will take a more defensive approach, well for his standards, e.g. a defensive 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1, but I'm guessing no low passive block (we didn't even do that in 2002 with a far less talented bunch). We'll probably change our shape during the game anyway, especially if Brazil try to shackle KDB. Still we struggle when we're pinned back for long stretches of the game. Tite could play less defensively than usual but I doubt he'll risk it at this stage. Besides he knows Belgium is one of, if not the most deadly team on the counter in the international game. Also, despite the constant criticism it isn't only Belgium's wingbacks that leave space in behind, the space Brazil's fullbacks leave on the flanks can be exploited as well. Down the right our play is very dynamic, with Hazard coming over to create overloads, and if Marcelo plays we'll be given plenty of space and opportunity. Definitely an area, on both sides of the pitch, to keep an eye on. In case Belgium score first this game has the potential to turn into a real clash but it will probably be a cagey affair. Not unusual the deeper you get into the tournament. Luckily, there's no Prendergast in sight but instead a top quality ref has been assigned. Looking at you, rolling around on the grass, Neymar. Belgium have been screwed over enough in the past, about time that sort of nonsense stops, or better yet it balances out and we benefit in this game.
  15. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Nah, you can see that getting 94 without winning anything of note is bad enough. Then, after a trophyless season, being gifted the highest rating for any defensive player, 95, same as a serial winner like Ramos, looks very wrong.