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  1. The Best of Belgian Football

    If you're looking for streams try for example: https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/
  2. The Best of Belgian Football

    Born and raised in Belgium, he received his (football) education here and he came through the Belgian youth teams, so I'm also firmly in favour of him staying with Belgium. Sels getting called up is a bit odd. You could argue Boeckx deserves a call-up too then. Unless they're needed in the youth teams I'd rather give young talents a look in (adding to their experience and helping them to adjust more smoothly once they're ready to make the step from youth to first team). Courtois has hopefully a long career ahead of him but other goalies will get their chances and it would be great if his successor is waiting in the wings. Let's see if Svilar unlocks his potential first.
  3. The Best of Belgian Football

    @thorgan lesar clean sheet for Svilar and a goal for Gabigol. Svilar made his debut at the same stadium, defended the same goal during the 1st half and played against the same team as Jan Oblak did during his Benfica debut. Oblak was the youngest non-Portuguese goalie to play for Benfica until ... Svilar. That settles it then. Seeing we're calling up 4 goalies anyway and have 2 GK coaches why not select a 5th.
  4. The Best of Belgian Football

    Svilar becomes the youngest goalkeeper ever to play for Benfica. Good job Anderlecht #InYouthWeTrust???
  5. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Isn't Carrick out as well?
  6. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Fellaini will probably miss the games against Liverpool and Spurs. He was in great form. @TalentSearcher I guess you can call that karma seeing you were glad that Morata was injured. Karma, a horrible pitch and hard tackling Bosnians.
  7. The Best of Belgian Football

    @thorgan lesar short answer: Australia isn't a populous country and, unlike Aussie Rules or rugby, they lack structural support for football (= anything from how parents raise their kids to the top rung of world football or at least a clear path to the world's elite/big leagues). Brazil have 8x more people and football is king like nowhere else (very little structural support for lots of other sports). Brazil have a great record at the World Cup but not so much at the Olympics, e.g. Australia have over 150 gold medals while Brazil only have 30. PS what's with all the questions. Also, you left out Antarctica (give them some love).
  8. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    That hint to Belgian manager Roberto Martinez about possibly resting Lukaku for forthcoming World Cup qualifiers with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cyprus was obvious, even if Mourinho was not forcing the point.
  9. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Being glad a player has been injured. That's poor form, @TalentSearcherregardless if Morata plays for a club that you can't stop obsessing about. Mourinho started Fellaini (despite his ankle injury) and Lukaku (despite a knock in training). Now he's asking Martinez to leave them out of the game v. Bosnia. SMH Let's hear what the medical staff have to say. If he's fully fit I'd expect Fellaini to play as Dembele, Witsel and Nainggolan are already ruled out while KDB might be used in a more advanced position (if he's match fit as well). KDB was great, again, and is showing he belongs in that world class bracket. Luckily I can still support a team where KDB and Hazard play together. Also, Chelsea have now played more games against opponents in the top half than against bottom half teams. Manure OTOH have only faced bottom half teams so far this season. They're yet to face a single team from the top half. The first will be Liverpool. Hey-ho they're only the 7th placed side ATM.
  10. The Best of Belgian Football

    @thorgan lesar nope but I'm betting the numbers from Africa will be much bigger.
  11. The Best of Belgian Football

    Possibly he's still a Belgian resident (official residency in Belgium and "working abroad"). He's still coming back to Belgium. His girlfriend is Belgian IIRC and not that long ago he ran into a bit of trouble when he visited a gym in Genk and made fun of a guy who was training there (maybe you saw the vid). I can't tell if that's the case or not but even if he's a German resident now he'll be +/- 25yo before he's eligible. Germany produce a lot of talents that will be bedded into the NT at that age. If he keeps his residency in Belgium instead he'll eligible 2 years sooner, in August 2020, just in time for the Nations League. Also, Fellaini looked fit, Hazard less so, Lukaku started despite a minor injury, De Bruyne asked to come off early (hopefully nothing serious), Chadli in the MD squad, etc. We'll find out later who's carrying knocks and who's fully fit. I'm guessing Fellaini will play against Bosnia if he indeed was allowed to fully recover ahead of today's game.
  12. The Best of Belgian Football

    Bring up Bailey again and an article about him, including his his future as an international, is published. Like clockwork http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/startseite/707389/artikel_bailey_bereit-fuer-bayer---nicht-fuer-jamaika.html Nationalmannschaft? "Es gibt Gründe, warum ich nicht für Jamaika spiele" Jamaica keeps coming for him. But he has personal problems with the federation since he was 11 -12yo. Jamaica could have had me a long time ago, but there are reasons why I'm not playing for them.
  13. The Best of Belgian Football

    Others, like England, have started following Belgium's lead. It does no harm, rather it could be beneficial, and Martinez is paying for an extra GK coach, a Catalan friend, from his own pocket. Don't mind this bit but was disgusted about other choices. Especially Nainggolan's exclusion, AGAIN, is very hard to swallow. With Benteke out poor Henry has a striker less to work with. Hazard too has been returning from injury/regaining match fitness and Conte brought him back slowly. His tackle wasn't even that bad and didn't warrant a red. A yellow sufficed. Now he'll be coming all the way from China while he's only eligible to play against Cyprus. It's pretty much a training camp as far as Witsel is concerned. With Witsel, Dembele, Nainggolan and probably Fellaini ruled out who'll start against Bosnia? Bosnia need a win, play at home and usually try to go on the attack. However Pjanic is injured and they don't have much other options to add creativity. They can try to outmuscle and outrun us. IIRC Besic did just that the last time we played in Bosnia (lots of end-to-end stuff). Martinez said he thinks in pairs of players rather than individuals. He might be considering to pair Defour with one of Tielemans/Dendoncker (on the back of their Anderlecht days). They would have quite a battle on their hands. I'd still go with KDB in midfield and Defour because our options are limited. On the bench we'd only have Tielemans as they keep listing Dendoncker alongside our defenders (for a reason I guess) but yes he should be listed as (holding) midfielder. That's not an appealing bench with the form they've displayed lately. Nainggolan could have done a great job for us. If we lose this game Martinez will have invited a media sh1tstorm upon himself. Vermaelen, Chadli, Tielemans, Michy, Hazard, et al. haven't played or were handed few starts. Nainggolan OTOH played plenty. Very odd that Martinez didn't call up Kabasele. Instead he picked Dendoncker, Vermaelen, Boyata, Ciman and an injured Kompany over him. Denayer hasn't played much but can't tell if he deserved inclusion as I don't follow Turkish football (probably he didn't merit a call-up). I watch very little Greek football as well (basically the odd game in Europe) but I heard Engels is working out well and could have been considered. Ignoring Kabasele was yet another mistake. Did he even merit a call-up based purely on form? Dembele (out), Fellaini (injury doubt), Defour (nowhere near Radja's level), Tielemans (playing very little ATM and still has ways to go), Witsel (playing in a sub-par league and serving a match ban during the Bosnia game). How can you leave Nainggolan out? Not even an option from the bench while he should be a nailed on starter, especially in the game against Bosnia. - Svilar could have benefitted from the extra GK coach instead of Sels. It's never a bad thing to give youngsters a look in/have a direct connection with the first team and get to know the other players. - Leon Bailey is 20 now. A choice about his future as an international beckons. He could be at the start of a breakthrough season in the BuLi. However he's Jamaican with much weaker links to Belgium. I'd be against pursueing him because we'd take a young top talent from another country and, unlike e.g. France, I'm not a proponent of blooding in as many talents as possible and then leaving them cap-tied while you have no use for them. The likes of Strupar and Weber were completely different cases. Nearing/in their 30s, having spent the bulk of their careers in Belgium (I haven't heard Bailey speak Dutch), never been called up and having the chance to play a role in the Belgian NT. - Castagne should have been in there. Not even a matter of bringing him for experience. What if you lose Meunier? The options, even if you revert to a back four and play CB(s) at fullback, aren't great. If Chadli wasn't injured he'd be an option. Still whoever you pick he'll be playing out of position. - like Engels, you can add a few more names to the ones you listed (Castagne, Praet, ...). Musonda seems to be punished because he declined a call-up to the U21s last time.
  14. Cooperation

    Screencap van de grafieken uploaden naar imgur en dan kan je de pic hier tonen. Of bv. een linkje naar een excel bestand dat je online deelt maar dan kan je de grafiek niet tonen. Nee IMHO is het een goed idee om te focussen op zaken die gesmaakt worden (of waar jezelf blijer van wordt/interesse in hebt). De scores, 't klassement, topscorers, etc. veroorzaken veel scroll-werk/clutter in de thread. Een minder leesbare thread zal minder gelezen worden en minder volk zal posts plaatsen. Wie het wil weten kan op een linkje naar soccerway klikken en heeft meteen alle info aan zijn vingertippen. Moeilijker verkrijgbare info, bv. jouw kennis van Pro League spelers/risers, wordt gewaardeerd en omdat het een wat obscure/onbeminde competitie is kunnen mensen jouw raad zoeken en vinden in je thread.
  15. Official Manchester United Thread

    @AniAniAni Lukaku has been carrying the one-trick pony moniker since his Anderlecht days. If that one trick is scoring lots and lots of goals he'll have a great future nonetheless. He has scored plenty outside of the PL, e.g. EL top scorer a few years ago, but let's look at how he did in the PL. Lukaku's tally of 91 PL goals is impressive. He's already outscoring the likes of Bergkamp, Cantona, et al. while this season he'll most likely overtake the likes of Drogba and Van Nistelrooy and if he spends his career playing in the PL he could break Shearer's record or at least he's well on his way to end up very high on the all-time top scorer chart. Lukaku's goal-scoring record in the PL is even more impressive when you consider his young age, that he didn't see PL action in his first year (would have already passed the 100 PL goals mark had he been loaned out seeing he scored plenty the year before and after), that he was loaned out on deadline day in 2 seasons (having to adjust to a new team at the last possible moment), that Lukaku was feeding of scraps at WBA and Everton compared to Kane at Spurs for example (even though Eriksen didn't have the most assists last season Spurs created the most chances), etc. Also, he provides a lot more assists than the likes of Kane. Lukaku has 48 assists (35 in the PL) v. Kane's 15 in the PL. Not bad at all for a so-called poacher. At least Lukaku dares to leave his comfort zone. Yet I can't really blame Kane for enjoying the great service he receives. The pundits keep stressing that Lukaku's goal-scoring record is phenomenal. It really is. IIRC only Messi and Raul outscored him at the same age in their pro careers. From an article a while back (total goals, not only in the league): Goals by the age of 23 5. Ibrahimovic...65 (a lot of these were scored in Jozy Altidore's™ Eredivisie where teams don't defend) 4. Rooney..........100 3. Suarez...........107 2. CR7................110 1. Lukaku...........151