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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Guessing Gaitan is happy he's there as Carrasco saved him from asphyxiation. I wish Carrasco had been less greedy though. He still had steps to take.
  2. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Do you mean Kimmich to bomb forward (and overlap Müller) or isn't he allowed that high up the pitch? I've seen Kimmich do a great job for Bayern bombing forward. With Max on the left he and Kimmich could alternate (to provide extra width on the right and/or the left). I'd expect Hector to get up and down the pitch when needed as well to help out Reus or Sané. Besides Plattenhardt is the one I'd leave out and TBH I'd start Max over Hector on current form.
  3. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Löw made some odd decisions in his squad list for the upcoming international break. At LB Germany have no top quality players yet Low picks two older guys that were either underwelming or injured instead of P. Max who has one of the best Kicker ratings and is among the top in Europe with regards to providing assists. The only international class fullbacks are him and Kimmich. Halstenberg is even rated ahead of Hector and Plattenhardt. Gomez, Wagner, Stindl, Rudy, Rudiger, Can/Ginter (as cover for RB) ... some of them are questionnable choices but fair enough. Still calling up Trapp, why did Löw do that, that infamous German humour?
  4. Remember the scandal that cost Allardyce the England job? Those reporters also went undercover in Leuven (before LFC were even linked; LFC's owner probably had never heard of OHL when the story broke). Have a guess why the newspaper would be interested in a small, struggling club from Belgium's 2nd division? It's also not helping to make Belgian football less shady. Granted, it's not as bad as Portugal or the Balkan for that matter but still a stain on Belgium for letting it happen. How about looking into an adequate "fit and proper test" for owners and the BuLi's 50 +1 rule. There have been a couple of TPO convictions but more needs to be done to eradicate it. Zahavi's Mouscron has been leaving a bad taste for longer than the last 2 or 3 seasons (even without the matchfixing allegations they deserve to be investigated). Clean up the Pro League. A shady business doesn't yield a bright future.
  5. Beerschot's promotion could very well have been a big boost for Belgian football as the place is a prime hotbed for talent. Had Ajax remained loyal they would have set an example (to improve upon) for satelite clubs. Ajax weren't producing good enough players though to go the other way and they didn't hesitate for a second to cut off Beerschot from financial drip. Beerschot's days as a satelite club were quickly numbered. Ajax mainly wanted defenders from Beerschot, with Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Vermaelen being the biggest successes. The bigwigs in Amsterdam laughed at their Belgian scout from Beerschot, Hasaert, for suggesting they should attract the likes of De Bruyne, Hazard, Dembele, ... (asking when did Belgium ever produce players with technique and football IQ). La Ling's report about Ajax's problems revealed how rife amateurism was within Ajax, including the incompetence of the decision makers in their technical heart. Van Gaal, TBF, did value Hasaert. IIRC Monaco's TD has a vision of betting on African players (especially looking for physical qualities). According to him football will become increasingly dominated by physical players and less so by technical ones. To prepare for the future he intends to focus on scouting Africa extensively and wants to make use of Belgium's soft rules, regarding work permits and legionnaires, to introduce these "commodities" in Europe. Not a big surprise if Cercle ends up as the new Beveren, yet another cautionary tale, not unlike Beerschot (minus the locally trained youth). Without going into how many farm clubs are too many I admit I'm not completely opposed to the idea of having some ... as long as it's win-win. That is the parent club invests money/knowhow/talents/..., protects the feeder club from being routinely raided by bigger clubs, it's a longterm commitment (Beerschot produced so many golden eggs in very little time and still got the axe), the focus is on locally trained youth instead of turning the farm club into an army of legionnaires (Beveren's Ivorians), etc. Imagine Beerschot had made such a deal instead of the one with Ajax: a win for the parent club who's getting top quality players, a win for Beerschot, for the Pro League and the Belgian NT (as long as locally trained youth is not merely a distraction). Beerschot also were shafted during the reform (winning the league 4 times in a row but only gaining promotion on 3 occasions). Still I just like them better and feel sad they fell short (not advocating Cercle didn't deserve it, Beerschot just had my support). Do we really need yet another club from the West? We already have too many clubs from that very small talent pool: Club, Cercle, KVO, KVK, Essevee +/- Mouscron (the latter is in the West as well but also without them 1/3 clubs in 1A will be from the West). All these clubs combined can't even produce the kind of talents that were brought through at Beerschot in a matter of years. It doesn't get much worse than Belgium when it comes to playing time for your own youth and chasing these talents away, forcing them to try their luck abroad. It's better to be more like Spain or Germany instead of Turkey. Belgium is one of the worst offenders regarding locally trained youth, or better yet, lack thereof. FYI, former Beerschot players also include the likes of Wanyama. Spurs have a spine made almost entirely out of Beerschot talents (they just needed to add Vermaelen and Nainggolan). I won't complain when Belgian clubs attract players from abroad, within reason, but in Belgium locally trained youth is often viewed as a pain in the ass, too big of a risk (even more so than in top clubs in the big leagues). I'm very much in favour of high min. wages for non-Belgian players so clubs only attract the ones that really add value (instead of having an army of legionnaires and hardly anything else).
  6. European Leagues that need updating

    Doesn't the end-of-season review for the big 5 start in May (usually before the CL and EL finals and some of the domestic cup finals have been played)? I'd love it if the review begins after those finals.
  7. Mouscron reeks, again (now it was 4 late goals in 17 minutes). After last year's mess this time it's Mechelen drawing the short straw. Some nice talents were coming from Mechelen yet they're going down while Eupen, a.k.a. Aspire Academy's foothold, stays up. Also, it's a shame Beerschot just fell short. We need a new Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Nainggolan, Dembele, et al. ASAP (Cercle, Monaco's satelite, will gain promotion and I'm not exactly expecting them to develop many talents that are eligible for Belgium).
  8. Sounds like Bailey's adoptive father/agent has moved on and is now using England to coerce the Jamaican FA, JFF. For years the JFF have resisted giving into his demands, also when Bailey was linked to Belgium. He wants his biological son to be gifted a call-up (who seems to be a great kiddo from what I've seen but he isn't great at football) and he wants to play a role in Jamaica's football program (which wouldn't exactly be to the detriment of the Phoenix All-Star Academy, a football school operated by Bailey's adoptive father). http://rjrnewsonline.com/sports/butler-says-england-interested-in-leon-bailey-and-kyle-butler I'd say it's hard to believe England are interested in Bailey's brother, who even struggles in the Maltese league. I know it's England but come on. There was a story planted in the tabloids (most likely Bailey's adoptive father/agent gave it to the Mirror) yet no credible journalist has checked if Bailey is eligible for England. If he actually had English grandparents then why enter Europe the hard way or why would you offer your services to the Belgian team? I doubt he only recently found out about his English granny (and Kyle Butler as well).
  9. Samenwerking

    Top. Op naar 100K views. Heb je al antwoord gekregen van een admin betreffende een nieuwe sub voor Belgisch voetbal?
  10. Time to Quit Soccer Manager

  11. Game World

    Website. I think you can even change your account setting to update every time you log in.
  12. Game World

    That isn't a bug. If you click on the player you'll see an update button (top right corner of his profile IIRC). Choose your update (the one with lots of stars) and after a short update of the player database you'll see his details/the complete profile.
  13. Samenwerking

    Apropos, het is helemaal geen probleem om van mening te verschillen (of te botsen als we tegengestelde standpunten willen opperen). Heb je al vaker gezegd dat je geen enkele schrik moet hebben. Het is tenslotte een discussieforum en ik ben geen wijf dat kwaad wordt en wrok gaat koesteren. Je kan me bijvoorbeeld ook overtuigen dat het heel goed gaat met de promotie van jeugd in de Pro League. Hoewel telkens als ik een vergelijking met de statistieken van andere landen zie bengelt België onderaan. Volgens mijn gevoel is er nog veel werk aan de winkel en is er veel marge voor progressie.
  14. Samenwerking

    Het forum is wat verlaten en van de admins die ik "recent" nog iets zag posten was Noisey de laatste (na 26/01 is hij niet meer actief geweest dus hij gaat jouw bericht niet gelezen hebben). Als je er andere wil over aanspreken: http://forum.soccermanager.com/staff/ Olivier 1 is (was) een Belgische mod maar ik weet niet of hij voldoende admin rights heeft (normaal niet) en hij is sowieso niet actief meer. Je kan Allan-NI of Craig proberen (waren recent nog actief).
  15. The rate at which managers are fired is also scary. It's a worry for the long-term health. Panic isn't a great advisor. I'd love to see more clubs offering their youth a career path (ATM you can't blame the talents that are looking across the border). Belgian clubs can improve (if the league as a whole shares a vision that values youth). There should be no reason for Belgian talents to move to e.g. Holland.