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  1. Google Chrome is better
  2. Well I'm locked in a GW where i will do nothing more than using the own players, and hopefully making exchanges with other managers that are not friends of these asshole, Because I wont resign from the team
  3. So here comes the update, SMFA reviewed the report I did and they told me that they couldnt do nothing as they didnt saw anything strange/wrong. So.. rip me
  4. I hope they do something to solve this problem, anyway they destroyed this GW already, as long as they get kicked/banned.. I already reported them.
  5. Lol so first time I read about it, they had to improve their system against cheaters finally (i hope). How did you report them? I mean where did you go? I'm a bit lost about it in the new interface haha
  6. The problem here is that all of these managers that i think its the same person, has like 120-200 rep, so.. lol But with the way he's doing things like the pm's or replying me to the offers with the exact text is so suspicious, and I know for sure that I can't do nothing to get him/her rid of this GW. The problem is that, from my experiencie, that SM will do nothing, or has not a good reason to ban him. I mean, I have been playing SM since 2009 and all the cases of multiple account I saw got the same result -> just deny the deal and return the players. They have never banned anybody or at least i hace no information about it.
  7. Oh man I realized he's the same person using multiples accounts, because the PM are being sent like with 15 min difference with exactly the same message. Then I tried to sign Kane from Tottenham and Donnaruma from Milan and got these 2 pm: angelica d F U. you wont get Kane while im the manager of this team. 14 nov en 12:01 Vincent James F U. you wont get Donnarumma while im managr of this team.(n)
  8. NOTE: looks like each manager in this gameworld, for example "Billy Eliott", that manages Valencia CF, has all the Valencia CF in other World Championships with "his friends", kinda suspicious
  9. Tonight a new World Championship started, where I got the Manchester City. First of all, it is a SM gameworld property and second it is a free game world where everyone can joins without any problem. But, there comes the problem: the Roma's manager talked to me by the chat asking me that it was his friend's gameworld and as I wasnt one of his friends I should leave, because "i could find another good team in another gameworld" And after that, I logged this morning in my account and found this (image attached), 6 private messages from "his friends", that apparently are just 6 of 27 that the gameworld has. And yeah I did this post because I'm really mad with this.
  10. I think its a good deal, Messi will be 99 for a long time and Varane has not shown his potential, i think Kimmich and Stones will overpass Varane's rate, so.. I would accept. Maybe better if you try to sign Saúl or Bellerín, better in my opinion than Laporte. I'd keep Bale, i think he's underrated at SM.. And about the gk, sign Donnaruma, cuz you have Neuer as first gk, and Donnaruma is cheap now but lately he will raise his rate, so he'll become expensive
  11. Updated, M.United picked up.
  12. New game world has been created by me, need minimun 5 managers to start. If possible, I'll wait till we fill the first division to start the GW. Depends on how much ppl are interested in playing. TEAMS 1 DIVISION Bayern München (available) Chelsea (available) Juventus (available) Manchester City (available) Manchester United (AKINOKUN DESMOND) Paris Saint-Germain (available) Real Madrid (available) Barcelona (Zhares35/Carlos Pérez) 2 DIVISON AC Milan (available) Arsenal (available) Atletico Madrid (available) B.Dortmund (available) Internazionale (available) Tottenham Hotspur (available) Valencia CF (available) Zenit (available) 3 DIVISION AS Roma (available) Bayer Leverkusen (available) Everton (available) Liverpool (available) Sevilla (available) SL Benfica (available) SS Lazio (available) SSC Napoli (available)
  13. Aplying for Arsenal or PSG soon.
  14. Thats all, opening in 55 min, ID: 342045 English League 33389, I'll pick M.City if i'm fast enough.