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  1. Finally open, EU GW | ID 370642

    The GW has been opened right now, Chelsea and other more still avaiable
  2. Finally open, EU GW | ID 370642

    Barcelona still avaiable to pick up
  3. Finally open, EU GW | ID 370642

    1 more and the GW will open
  4. Chelsea and other more still avaiable. 370642
  5. Only R. Madrid, Bayern and Everton taken, GW has not being open yet. 370642
  6. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Maybe to the club that did the bid first, I dont know, long time without seeing that, and when happened I didnt really cared for the reason.
  7. Holy moly, how did that game world get that much managers? I can't take any team more so i'm sorry
  8. Brand New Game World! ID 368383

    4 more and It starts
  9. Brand New Game World! ID 368383

    Applied for Barcelona
  10. Worldwide Risers

    Could you or anyone tell me whats the order of the leagues reviewed and dates more or less? I forgot it after a long time away from the game and that could help me into signing smth good before they start the review. Thanks
  11. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Next page is the reply, wanted to edit and I just quoted lol
  12. Its known that some managers takes teams at Divison 5 to rise, but what did you do with a team that you thought "well, that sounds funny"? Like signing only players from the nationality of your team (I mean not in specifics leagues that has that rule), or players under 20 yo.. I have the hobby of taking any team with a big budget at big leagues, I mean low rated teams, and then I try to sign a whole team of old players but with good rate (at least 90, but sometimes I got some 91-92 players) and I try to being competitive for the league. By the moment got a Queens Park Rangers with 47 matches played and 119 points, and average of 2.53 points. Ended 3rd that season. Got players like: Buffon, Juanfran, Gustavo, Sokratis, Koscienly, Carrick, Borja Soriano, Fernandinho, Dzeko, Callejón, Mandzukic, Bacca, Notilo, and then some others not that old like Perisic, Vela or Herrera. Right now I got a Leicester City but still doing the deals