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  1. I cannot yet comment on gameplay, but I have to say that the font and bright colour scheme of Soccer Manager 3.0 is awful. There is so much wasted space n the screen, the fonts show somewhat blurry, and the bright backgrounds do nothing to make the interface visually appealing.
  2. I'd say focus on what you have. I've seen very little change in the match engine over the last year, and presumably the staff/dev team is too small to attend the the outlandish suggestions here (like a 3d engine). Why not fix bugs, update player database, and then throw all efforts to commercializing this game to support further development. There are numerous bugs to fix: -In my second season at Arsenal (after winning league in first), the Champions League has disappeared -Unrealistic number of red cards issued (at normal aggression) -All too often my GK will send the ball to a defender, my back 4 will uselessly ping the ball around, and then an opposition player will intercept and score a goal. This is a bit unrealistic, esp. when playing defenders who all have greater than 90 skill. ...and ps. I much prefer this to SM worlds....though I'm probably the minority