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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I wonder how Carrasco is feeling about his China move. 3 games, 3 defeats and -13 goal difference. Let's hope he's enjoying the money.
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    It does to any predictions.
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    That shouldn't be updated for well over 6 months.
  4. Worldwide Risers

  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Plenty of leagues are due now... MLS, Portugal, Turkey, Norway etc.
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    After Japan it seems like the Netherlands may well get its long overdue review next.
  7. A new risers thread

    If they miss a player from a review, they do sometimes go back and fix the mistake a week or two later. They missed so many risers from Korea though that I can't really see that happening. As the next Korean review probably won't be for a year, I personally won't be holding onto anyone for any length of time.
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    He deserved a rise based on his performances in the MLS. It must be doubtful whether he will get one now though.
  9. A new risers thread

    They missed many risers in Korea. A really poor review.
  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    After the horrific Korean review, it seems like Japan will be more worthwhile. A +5 to 82 for Miura today and +4 to 80 for Doan. It bodes well for when the stronger sides are updated: Japan Also, as Shoya Nakajima has now earned a call up to the national squad, he may be due a further rise in the next update.
  11. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    He didn't train at all. Out injured for quite a while I believe.
  12. Rahul W's rating predictions

    A terrible, terrible update of Korea concludes. The Japanese review has already started and should be more generous: Japan
  13. European Leagues that need updating

    Last year it did I think, but it really shouldn't this year. They have been so slow to update that there are a lot of countries that need their yearly review before they get to the big 5.
  14. A new risers thread

  15. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I would say that Zinchenko certainly has potential, but he is also massively overpriced at the moment within SM.