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  1. Winning the league cup doesn't qualify you for Europe in the game for some reason. However, finishing 5th should put you in the Europa League. Try reporting it as a bug and see what SM say. Top 4 will be Champion's League, yes.
  2. You can tell it was a long time ago that I studied French! October would be "Oct" rather than "Out". My wife's Portuguese and has confirmed that I'm wrong!
  3. Of course, should've spotted that with the months being in French too. I got a A for French at GCSE, but that was a few years before Matthew Knox was even born!
  4. If I could've got 400 mil I'd have flogged him ages ago! Doesn't seem right that his price has fluctuated so much though, especially dropping around 500k in a month.
  5. Sounds like a bug to me. The best bet is to submit a bug report and hope SM do something about it.
  6. Again that all makes sense. My reason for buying Knox was that he was attracting interest from some big PL teams earlier in the season (and might still be, I haven't checked), so if he gets a move and gets game time he could quickly rise. For only 700k it seemed like a risk worth taking. Mind you, it's for my Aberdeen team and there's no money in the Scottish league so it's still a fairly big amount for that side. But if he could possibly be mid 80s by the time he's 19 I'll probably be able to make a few million on him. You never know. I've bought Angel Gomes for a few of my teams, but like you say, it will probably be a few years before I can cash in or have a player for the starting 11 (same goes for Vincent Thill).
  7. Yeah I get that and it makes sense. But with regards to Matthew Knox - he was aged 17 when I bought him in January, rated 70 and worth 700k. Now he's still 17, rated 71 and worth half that, so it can't be an age thing and it also can't be because his rating has dropped. Plus a near 50% drop in value is a bit much either way! It would be like Bailly dropping to 7m from 14m!
  8. It has but until his rise in December Isak was only 200k. At least you've got a couple of million profit if you bought him early enough!
  9. It is. But why the heck has his value dropped from 700k in January (I paid 710) to 360k now? His ability/profile can't have dropped in that time. He's still only 17 and there's been PL clubs interested. You don't see someone with a value of 20m getting a +1 and their value going down to 10m, which is pretty much the equivalent here. Better hope he gets more first team games or a move in the summer then!
  10. Hardly played, he'll stay He just got a +1 and is now worth half of what I payed for him! Excellent business!
  11. What do you mean by database exactly? You should be able to do a simple search for specific players and teams.
  12. Just do a search. There are only 5.
  13. Any thought on Matthew Knox at Livingston? He was attracting interest from some big clubs a few months ago.
  14. Fair enough. The highest at Aberdeen at the moment is 82 off the top of my head but I don't know about the cap. Cheers for having a look at that lot!
  15. Looking good for my Aberdeen side then. No chance of Hayes getting a +2? He's had a great season.