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  1. Assume it'll be available the same ways as SM 2017 because it's just an update. Usually done mid September.
  2. That's an interesting one. Never had that situation before, but my guess is that the player will hand in a transfer request as normal, and your chairman will sign some 60-70 rated hopeless keeper as a replacement. That's just a guess though, but I can't see any other options.
  3. The chairman will give you 2 new players, but they'll be low rated. If you're still in the red then you'll need to get someone to do a 2 for 1 player exchange with you so you have 22 players and can start selling.
  4. That's what happens if you log out yeah. If you start again and get to 15 years (takes ages I know), then if you don't log out, close the window or switch of the computer then you can play on, but it doesn't save it.
  5. Log into the single player version and you'll find them there. It won't be up to date though, they change it twice a year. Shouldn't be far off, but recent risers will have their old ratings.
  6. They said ages ago that they'd look at extending it, but nothing's been done. You can keep playing the game for as many more seasons as you like - unless you log out. If you log out it resets to the end of the 15th year.
  7. It's gonna be good. The video is also available on the front page of the website (just takes a second to load...). If anyone hires a hospitality suit at Wembley which we could use for the draw that would be great!
  8. It happens a lot...
  9. Well Bassogog just got a +5, but I guess that's a bit late for you!
  10. I thought you needed 10 to active a GW?
  11. It has happened before. Report it as a bug.
  12. Well I've just scanned through and put in bold the players I would definitely keep. There might be others, but not that I know so well. So it's not perfect, but personally I'd hang on to the guys in bold.
  13. Don't think you're fooling anyone mate.
  14. I just saw the 2 names and put 2+2 together personally, as did thousands of other football fans who follow what's going on. I'm sure you did when he posted it. I certainly didn't read the asking admin to move it post as anything but a piss take! Are you telling me that was serious?
  15. In fairness to TalentSearcher, the fact that Veratti has signed up with Raiola has only appeared in the press because of the links with Man Utd. It was even trending on Twitter for that reason. I'm all for people getting things correct and facts being right, but why the hell some of you just constantly take the piss out of this guy is beyond me. I have because I've disagreed with lots he's said, but slagging him off after every single flipping post is pretty childish to be honest.