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  1. And that's not extreme? I've heard black people described as n*****s many times but it's not something I agree with or do myself. A small change in a game isn't quite the same as a young footballer getting cancer for the second time.
  2. I was talking about a +1 rating not being awarded being compared to a young man who is suffering from cancer being a bit extreme - not whether or not the player deserves 90.
  3. Seemed a bit extreme to me too.
  4. No problem, just confused me for a bit!
  5. That's why I didn't know him - I know Schick - it was the typo that made me think you meant someone else! I was trying to think of someone called Schik - sorry!
  6. Well, I look into players and deals and youth teams and so on a lot - but not as much as some people here. So I know I'm a reasonable judge, but others will know much more!
  7. Like I said, I know nothing about him. But of you can get Gnabry now for that price I would!
  8. Personally I think the first offer is best! But I don't know Patrick Schik. Gnarbry + cash looks good to me.
  9. Yes, not very high yet, but if you're added aged 15 then you should expect to rise if you avoid injuries.
  10. César HUANCA was one - he turned 16 at the start of this month, but was 15 when I bought him. Can't remember who else off the top of my head!
  11. I've bought a couple of young Chilean players too, and one of them was 15. You just don't know for sure at that age. But players that young aren't common.
  12. This isn't true, although under 16s are rare. I've bought a few, for example Daniel PEÑALOZA was added when he was 14 (he turned 15 last month).
  13. To be honest I don't know much about him.
  14. Best thing to do is to get another club to offer you 2 players for 1 in an exchange. That will take you up to 22 players so you can sell someone.
  15. I though you could? Bear in mind I've never set up a custom myself so I'm not sure, but a few of us were looking at setting up a custom and the idea of a squad cap and how high it should be was discussed by people who have set up custom worlds in the past. Like I say, I can't be 100% sure - maybe someone else can give a better answer?