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  1. Well Bassogog just got a +5, but I guess that's a bit late for you!
  2. I thought you needed 10 to active a GW?
  3. It has happened before. Report it as a bug.
  4. Well I've just scanned through and put in bold the players I would definitely keep. There might be others, but not that I know so well. So it's not perfect, but personally I'd hang on to the guys in bold.
  5. Don't think you're fooling anyone mate.
  6. I just saw the 2 names and put 2+2 together personally, as did thousands of other football fans who follow what's going on. I'm sure you did when he posted it. I certainly didn't read the asking admin to move it post as anything but a piss take! Are you telling me that was serious?
  7. In fairness to TalentSearcher, the fact that Veratti has signed up with Raiola has only appeared in the press because of the links with Man Utd. It was even trending on Twitter for that reason. I'm all for people getting things correct and facts being right, but why the hell some of you just constantly take the piss out of this guy is beyond me. I have because I've disagreed with lots he's said, but slagging him off after every single flipping post is pretty childish to be honest.
  8. Click Transfers at the top of the GW, then go to All Transfers". everything should be listed there. Next to transfers between 2 managers will be "Illegal?" - click on that to report transfers. To report multiple accounts, click on "Manager List" and scroll right to the bottom. There's a button there for reporting multiple accounts.
  9. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. I personally wouldn't give them another penny until they sort their customer service out. It's appalling. Great game, but if you want to get hold of someone or there's a problem then they're worse than any company I've ever dealt with.
  11. You'll need to report it as a bug and hope SM fix it.
  12. The same thing has been going on for years!
  13. Racist remarks, childish comments and even someone ending sentences with "fact". Think I'll go and find some grown ups to talk to. Have fun!
  14. Oh dear, this really has gone down the school playground route with childish "puns" like Money Utd and Snubchester. I think I see the problem now. I didn't realise you were biased before or even know who you supported. Hart shouldn't have got 94 or any higher than he did. Courtois shouldn't either. Their ratings are about right for me given their talent. Like I said, only 3 keepers rated higher than Courtois - that's hardly beingn tough on the guy! Keepers very rarely get a higher rating! I don't think that "gala awards" or other silverware are what makes a player great. Their ability does. I've already explained that - and proven how ridiculous that whole idea is by my point about Ronaldo! Besides young players, no one but De Gea has been given a rise in the last couple of years at Utd, so I don't quite no what you mean about teams finishing 6th getting rises. Can you explain to me how the hell Lukaku has risen to 92 at Everton without ever getting top 4, then? Because my answer is he's got to 92 because he's a decent player! Yours must be it's because of all his major trophies, right?Just the same as De Gea, who I would say is probably second only to Neuer as the best keeper in the world.
  15. Not a sh1tpost at all, it shows that fellow professions consider him the best in the PL. Surely the ratings should be based on who is best. Joe Hart also won 2 PL titles in 3 years and a few golden glove awards while he was at it, and that seems to be the criteria for you suggesting Courtois should get to 94. How come Hart didn't get 94? Because he's not good enough to deserve that high a rating. Courtois is better, hence being 93. Or do you also think Hart should have got a much bigger rating?
  16. Well DDG has been in the PFA team of the year for 4 out of the last 5 seasons (and it was Cech that interrupted that run, not Courtois). So obviously a lot of people think he's better than Courtois anyway. Those people being professional footballers. So him being rated 1 higher than Courtois seems fair enough. Really not sure what people are on about. Club specific threads have always been places for playground style fighting (and TalentSearcher talking rubbish), but this discussion seems ridiculous, and I know some of the contributors are normally the voices of reason, so hopefully it's just end of weekend drunkenness or something. PFA teams of the year are listed here if anyone tries to argue that I've made it up or whatever -
  17. Stick me down for a team - Atlanta was my first choice but happy to take anyone!
  18. Yes that is a nonsense comment - that was the point! You can't just give players a +1 for every trophy they win. SM rank Courtois as 4th best keeper in the world. Not sure how that's being so bad to him really!
  19. Courtois is no better now that he was when he got his last rise! It's pretty simple! No reason he should have a rise. He was already a league champion. The idea that you should get a rise for every trophy you win is the nonsense here! As proven my by comment about Ronaldo! Of course he shouldn't get a rise higher than 99 - and Courtois doesn't deserve a rise either. Is joint 4th best keeper in the world doing him some kind of disservice? No it's not.
  20. I think Dave could easily be 93, Kante's risen a lot in a short time. He may well get an increase. DDG was steadily improving until about a year ago but has remained on much the same level since. Courtois hasn't improved for 2 or 3 years, he's been a top quality keeper since then, but I don't think he's better now than 2 years ago, so I see no reason why he should rise again. Another league title doesn't necessarily warrant a rise. He was title-winning quality when he got 93. If you're going to give a +1 every time someone gets a trophy then why has Ronaldo been on 99 for 2 and a half years? He's won everything going since then! Should be on about 108 by now!
  21. There are only 3 keepers in SM rated higher than Coutois, so for a keeper he's got a very high rating. Would you put him in the top 3 in the world? I wouldn't, top 10, sure, but not top 3.
  22. Yes, that's what I just said!
  23. Come off it - I know you're not an idiot and you know how football works. By that logic Keylor Navas is the best out of the lot. 2 CL titles and La Liga this year. That logic is just poor and you know it doesn't work like that. Unless you think that Maxwell is the greatest player ever because he has 37 trophies, followed by Ryan Giggs as the second most decorated in history. Those guys are better than Pele, Messi, Maradonna, Best, Cryuff etc...?
  24. Oblak and DDG are both better than Courtois, aren't they?
  25. Can't you just do it with cash?