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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Keep or sell Timur ZHAMALETDINOV now he's been reviewed?
  2. Player 84384 or Rashfor

    A few people have said this recently, it seems to be a glitch but fixes itself after a couple of days. Might be worth sticking in a bug report though to make SM aware of the issue.
  3. Transfer

    I think in this case the chairman will let a level 5 keeper leave, and will buy a very cheap, low rated keeper to take his place.
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    A few people have said the same. It happened to a mate of mine this week, but after a couple of days it fixed itself.
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    One from me as well
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Next Italian review likely to be July? Miranda and De Rossi to stay or drop?
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Lots of Alaba talk. Can I add this question, please? Alaba or Marcelo (for a long term GW).
  8. Didn't someone say that public edits on there mean nothing? That they're only there to make people think they're contributing, but really it makes no difference to anything? I don't know either way, but the updates are sooooo slow.
  9. Ban offensive player

    I'd send this to them on Twitter or Facebook.
  10. Worldwide Risers

    Yeah - both lower rated but will only increase. Rashford could be another option there.
  11. Worldwide Risers

    Agree. Difficult to know who will rise most, and even more so become a new Messi. Max Meyer, Kinsley Coman or Gabriel Jesus might be worth a shot. Their ratings and value will only go up I think. Maybe even Martial if he keeps up his decent form for Utd. Unless you want someone lower rated (mid 80s) who might get to that level in a year or two?
  12. Worldwide Risers

    Mbappe looks like your best bet then. Almost certain for a rise next review, and tipped to be the next Messi/Henry by just about everyone.
  13. Been scammed

    Tweet them, email them, facebook them, try everything you can. Shame them for the AWFUL customer service. It's appalling.
  14. Season 2017/2018

    The multiplayer game should be up to date because it changes throughout the season, the single player game will be updated for September 25th.
  15. Assumed they didn't have money because they shouldn't get into that situation otherwise. Just buy a cheap 3rd keeper. Maybe they do have money. Donnarumma will still develop concerns - if fact as soon as he's loaned out he'll have a concern. High rated players develop concerns if they're loaned out. I had a strong team and the chairman allowed me to loan out a couple of 89s (which is rare in itself), and they got concerns right away, concerned as to why they're out on loan and not playing.
  16. The whole thread was about someone only having 2 keepers, one with high concern levels, and no money to bring in anyone else. Donnarumma is unlikely to be allowed out on loan anyway, and if he was he'd still develop concerns.
  17. A guy couldn't loan out Donnarumma if he only has 2 keepers...
  18. Assume it'll be available the same ways as SM 2017 because it's just an update. Usually done mid September.
  19. That's an interesting one. Never had that situation before, but my guess is that the player will hand in a transfer request as normal, and your chairman will sign some 60-70 rated hopeless keeper as a replacement. That's just a guess though, but I can't see any other options.
  20. The chairman will give you 2 new players, but they'll be low rated. If you're still in the red then you'll need to get someone to do a 2 for 1 player exchange with you so you have 22 players and can start selling.
  21. 15 year career has ended

    That's what happens if you log out yeah. If you start again and get to 15 years (takes ages I know), then if you don't log out, close the window or switch of the computer then you can play on, but it doesn't save it.
  22. player stats

    Log into the single player version and you'll find them there. It won't be up to date though, they change it twice a year. Shouldn't be far off, but recent risers will have their old ratings.
  23. 15 year career has ended

    They said ages ago that they'd look at extending it, but nothing's been done. You can keep playing the game for as many more seasons as you like - unless you log out. If you log out it resets to the end of the 15th year.
  24. New World Order GW UPDATE

    It's gonna be good. The video is also available on the front page of the website (just takes a second to load...). If anyone hires a hospitality suit at Wembley which we could use for the draw that would be great!