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  1. Yeah very good, I didn't really know that story. That 82 yard goal was a great strike too.
  2. A bit of stage fright I think. Biggest game of their career so far.
  3. If you could just ask your chairman for more money then everyone would do it! No point.
  4. It's been an ongoing problem. Send a bug report and hopefully they'll sort it.
  5. I'm not sure how much difference it makes as long as players are played in one of the positions listed, so Sterling and Salah should be fine. I play CBs at RB and LB for a few clubs because the're also listed as having that position and it doesn't seem to matter. But those are what SM say are their main position. I don't know enough about Fekir to be honest, but Chicharito won't be dropping any time soon so he's a great back up.
  6. If it helps, SM has them in the game engine with these MAIN positions: Lemar AM(L), Salah F(R), Fekir F(C), Promes AM(R), Sterling AM(L), Tolisso M(C)
  7. Won a charity shield recently and got 500k. Might depend on the setup though.
  8. You'll likely get someone you've never heard of who cost 250k and is rated about 73. But if you have over 21 players then that won't happen anyway.
  9. Yeah you get the value. If it takes your squad below 21 players then the chairman will automatically sign someone, but they'll be rubbish...
  10. You usually do if it's a smaller club.
  11. Doesn't seem right then. Once concerns get going they're hard to stop. It's something that SM need to look at (fat chance of that though). Never tried to offer a level 5 player a new contract before, so perhaps once it goes that far they've made up their minds! Level 3 is fine though, done that before.
  12. Offer him a new contract maybe? I've found concerns very difficult to undo once they get going. Does seem like a fault somewhere.
  13. Hoarding is a term you just used yourself! I'm annoyed that I have 9 players on concerns at one of my teams now, but I don't need that many players which is why they're not getting game time and wanting to move - it's a realistic situation. What's the point of scouting and waiting for players to rise in value if you're not going to sell them? No team needs as many 90+ players as you have, I really don't get your point. Concerns happen in real life, so it makes perfect sense to have concerns to try and make SM more realistic, doesn't it? Well done for buying Sterling years ago when he was cheap, but do you think that he'd be happy to stay in real life if he wasn't playing much and was rated so highly? He'd move to another club to get games - it's a real life situation.
  14. It would be incredibly unrealistic not to have those concerns. There's not a club in the world that has an entire team rated 94-95. Real Madrid have 6 players in that category and they have players such as Rodriguez (93) looking to leave in the summer in search of game time. In real life no clubs at all can keep that many 90+ players happy - not by a long way! Even the biggest clubs have to sell and big name players have to move. The fact that they weren't always rated 90+ is irrelevant - every player starts out lower! Waiting for rises and selling is part of the game, and part of real life football. You said it yourself, it's not something you're supposed to do. And 12 players isn't that competitive really compared to 116 in one GW I'm in. What you're doing is unquestionably player hoarding and you can't deny that!
  15. Very good article. As a Man Utd fan I can never forgive him for the sending off against City. I'm not so sure they'd have made that comeback against 11 men. Wonder if Barton had a few quid on City winning the league that year....
  16. Got a link?
  17. No idea. Just cross your fingers that they get back to you. If not then email and send another bug report again. It's like getting blood out of a stone sometimes.
  18. Don't hold your breath... it's a bit of a lottery. Hope it gets fixed.
  19. At the top right of the page listing your game worlds there's an icon with three horizontal lines. Click that, then 'Help', then 'Report Bugs'.
  20. I can only suggest trying a bug report. Can't believe how useless these guys are.
  21. Is it 60s night? Bill Foulks to get a +1 in the next review? What does everyone think of Blackpool youngster Alan Ball? Can he establish himself in the first team and get in the national team in a few years? Worth hanging on to?
  22. A few people had that problem earlier in the year but I thought it was fixed. Try a bug report and see if they can be arsed to reply.
  23. Possibly the most active and competitive Scottish league at over 60% full. 15 clubs still available with season 2 starting on May 16th. Standard rules. It's a good even set up where you need to buy wisely because there isn't the finance to just snap up 90+ rated players, Therefore there are loads of good players still on the market. Risers, bargains and good management are needed. Cheats will be about as welcome as Joey Barton is at Rangers, but everyone else feel free to join and spread the word! Game World ID 349616