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  1. This game is set up for the big Teams with all the Money. I suggest when you Add a player to your Shortlist, that becomes private, in other words, when i make a Bid on that player, no one else gets notified i did so, if you arent onto the date that player comes Transfer free, you miss out, its so wrong how it is, the big teams in my worlds just add all the good players to their shortlist, when one comes available they outbid everyone. Its so unfair
  2. Chasing

    Gold Manager looking for a New World, nothing with only a few managers, something competitive please, thanks in advance 👐
  3. Glory Hunters?

    Why is this game & what worlds you get into seemingly based on what teams you select, well its not directly, but it is, i get offered a new world & i select Queens Park Rangers or Valencia, rather then Manchester or Barcelona, cause its a challenge to me & cause i don't Get the trophies, cause i selected a team to help, then oh I'm not a sgood as the guy who selected Barca ? Wonder why huh
  4. Every player we add to our shortlist we then see when someone adds to their shortlist or Puts a bid on, Why ? This needs to change, why should the guy who remembers miss out, so many times, ive known a player is free for example but haven't had the money, as soon as I've got the money i put the bid on, nek minute 4 other bids come in for the player who's been free to buy for weeks or longer, its rubbish
  5. Ideas

    True. That's a good idea
  6. Come join

    European Championship Id - 342888 Plenty good players and teams available, Come join ?
  7. Europe Versus The Rest Of The World.

    Im interested in anything available
  8. "A particular Club Wanted" Thread

    Any team in a good league
  9. Anything Good

    I got rejected fron a league for tje most hilarious reason ever ..so is there Any good leagues i can join, strong but no ruined ???
  10. "A particular Club Wanted" Thread

    Is this recent ?
  11. Do You mean like my Username ? If so it's ' t_scops ' If not can you please explain
  12. I dont get it. I wrote posts asking if theres any vacancies nodoby says a word. Then people put this up an get heaps of replies, yet someone starts a world and get no action
  13. Looking

    Looking for a world to join, new or just competitive, come on give me something ?
  14. Mess

    I guess its innocents who dont see the point but trust me from a person who has played games most his life, there are a lot of cheats out there