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  1. Every player we add to our shortlist we then see when someone adds to their shortlist or Puts a bid on, Why ? This needs to change, why should the guy who remembers miss out, so many times, ive known a player is free for example but haven't had the money, as soon as I've got the money i put the bid on, nek minute 4 other bids come in for the player who's been free to buy for weeks or longer, its rubbish
  2. Ideas

    True. That's a good idea
  3. Come join

    European Championship Id - 342888 Plenty good players and teams available, Come join ?
  4. Europe Versus The Rest Of The World.

    Im interested in anything available
  5. "A particular Club Wanted" Thread

    Any team in a good league
  6. Anything Good

    I got rejected fron a league for tje most hilarious reason ever ..so is there Any good leagues i can join, strong but no ruined ???
  7. "A particular Club Wanted" Thread

    Is this recent ?
  8. Do You mean like my Username ? If so it's ' t_scops ' If not can you please explain
  9. I dont get it. I wrote posts asking if theres any vacancies nodoby says a word. Then people put this up an get heaps of replies, yet someone starts a world and get no action
  10. Looking

    Looking for a world to join, new or just competitive, come on give me something ?
  11. Mess

    I guess its innocents who dont see the point but trust me from a person who has played games most his life, there are a lot of cheats out there
  12. NEW GAME WORLD: ID 357600

    Are people joining ?
  13. How do play Harry Kane

    I have him in 4 teams
  14. How do play Harry Kane

    He's absolutely banging them in for me, as a striker in different formations..if he has people just behind him, i put an attacking arrow on him as well