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  1. European Championship Id - 342888 Plenty good players and teams available, Come join 😀
  2. Im interested in anything available
  3. Any team in a good league
  4. I got rejected fron a league for tje most hilarious reason ever ..so is there Any good leagues i can join, strong but no ruined ???
  5. Is this recent ?
  6. Do You mean like my Username ? If so it's ' t_scops ' If not can you please explain
  7. I dont get it. I wrote posts asking if theres any vacancies nodoby says a word. Then people put this up an get heaps of replies, yet someone starts a world and get no action
  8. Looking for a world to join, new or just competitive, come on give me something 👀
  9. I guess its innocents who dont see the point but trust me from a person who has played games most his life, there are a lot of cheats out there
  10. Are people joining ?
  11. I have him in 4 teams
  12. He's absolutely banging them in for me, as a striker in different formations..if he has people just behind him, i put an attacking arrow on him as well
  13. This game is an absolute mess that needs some serious makeovers to make people want to keep or start playing it, and a question? Is there a cheat for this game? I googled it an some weird stuff came up, but theres a few lads on here who have to be, Squad sizes need to be looked at (including Loans) length of transfer bans, and much more
  14. What can i use my SM credits on ? I can't seem to use them to buy gold member anymore.. what else can i use them on ?