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  1. Why hasn't my score been adjusted

    The score and the match showed two different scores and results ????? why isn't it adjusted Tottenham 1-0 Valencia NOT 1-1!!!
  2. Mike Nelson

    My Tottenham GW 343181 game with Valencia showed a 1-0 victory for Tottenham game last night - however the score and points came up with contrary score 1-1 and obviously points were lost - I ran the game through twice and Tottenham defo won, but system screwed it up - how can this be rectified?
  3. Wrong score recorded

    I've just played in GWID 343181 Tottenham v Valencia score came up at end as 1-1 played 2D game and real score was 0-1 to Tottenham - ran it twice so only got 1 point instead of 3 for a win???