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  1. Holiday Mode

    Any idea if we'll ever have the holiday mode again? I've played this game for a good six years now but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth carrying on...any admins willing to discuss it on here so we know that this game's still managed and monitored properly? Thanks.
  2. New and "improved"?

    Any idea on when we'll be able to use the "on holiday" function again? And why are players' ratings so slow at changing? I don't mean to be negative but since you began making changes to the game to introduce the new version you're basically making it worse...no holiday mode, many still preferring the old version as the new one is nowhere near as good and little or no player changes...finally, non-managed teams have become extremely easy to beat and yet, despite all of the above, you proceed to introduce "Soccer Manager Arena"? Lol you're all over the place, please focus on one thing at a time before you sink this game. Thanks.