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  1. this idea a lot
  2. hahaha i am now to...cuz...Mourinho Based on this season its easy...and for that i would pick belloti...but that can change
  3. Martial before Belloti???
  4. Wonderkid...get HIM
  5. Sell IMO...He sttoped scoring and started missing :/ Porto: 0 trophies again this year. Next season we talk again hehehe
  6. Yep...already known in Portugal
  7. lol thats funny...not portuguese
  8. his history with my team lol: 28 2 Mar 2017 Livingston Grimsby Town 340mil Matthew KNOX 28 15 Fev 2017 Grimsby Town Livingston 826mil Matthew KNOX 27 8 Out 2016 Livingston Grimsby Town 400mil Matthew KNOX now worth 360 k
  9. Andre or not?
  10. Heaton for Courtois and its perfect for me
  11. Agreed on Cahill....or Michael Keane...or Ben Gibson...
  12. a lot... Cardozo SHAYLON +5
  13. Pavle Vagic any aditional info? he just born...i know he was related with United and City...