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  1. man...they already are in sweden a lot of players of kalmar, gif sundvall, aik... changing yersterday/today
  2. Sweden i think
  3. Better+11 or depends what u need...a 10 or a 9... Gun to the head: Silva+11M
  4. Not only Battaglia...Bongani Zungu yesterday...
  5. Rodrigo Battaglia +3 (Just moved from Braga to Sporting Lisbon) Galeno 19 yo 75 (FC Porto) just borned - worth the shot Are they reparing Portuguese League to?
  6. Chalov +5 Bongani Zungu +2
  7. Sell Yeray...the cancer is back
  8. Max Meyer younger but a real good 6 is hard to find...wait to see where Seri goes...
  9. Douglas Costa + Gimenez Yerri Mina
  10. Thoughts on Marquinhos Cipriano (São Paulo), Augusto Galvan (São Paulo), Alan Souza (Palmeiras)? TY
  11. a RB should defend
  12. Cancelo and Gaya are not that good imo...Carvajal problably the best RB atm in the world (and praticaly the only one 92+ RB (and azpilicueta))...
  13. yeahh....wait....borja valero????
  14. lol i was not undestanding till now lol
  15. tough one (last update) Glik +1 +1...Benatia -1