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  1. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I think the possible reason for it going so slow at the moment is that they are having to make all the changes to players that are returning from loan at the end of the season for most countries in addition to the ratings. Plus people submitting edits to players as soon as they are rumoured to be transferring. Might possibly be why, however it doesn’t make it less frustrating though!
  2. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Also wrong here!
  3. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I'd say it will be closer to three days to complete the Championship. So probs a full start on Germany on Tuesday.
  4. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I know it’s not the normal sequence but it kind of looks like it might be Bundesliga next up not Ligue 1?!
  5. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Player changes on Soccerwiki haven’t uploaded to the game for three days now. Is everyone else seeing this? I’ve sent a bug report but if others do it, it might get resolved quicker. Unless no one else is having a problem and it’s just me!
  6. EnglishPirlo

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Anyone notice the changes and new players in soccerwiki didn’t pull over into the game this morning? Or is it only an issue I’m dealing with?
  7. EnglishPirlo

    A new risers thread

    Do you not think Samassekou is worth an 87? He has been absolutely excellent this season, especially in the Europa league run, and the Salzburg rating cap shouldn't limit him either (Dabbur is 87). Feel like he would deserve it. Also, do you think there's any chance Hwang Hee-Chan has a chance of 86? He's also been crucial to their successful season.
  8. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Seems like Portugal will follow Netherlands as I think is fairly usual.
  9. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Hmmm..... Argentina begins. Argentina.
  10. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    After Uruguay, it looks like it’ll be Argentina
  11. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Looks like it'll be Argentina next.
  12. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Any ideas yet which league will be next? Maybe continue in S.America with Chile, Argentina etc onto USA. Or back to Europe with Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Belgium....?
  13. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Maybe the person reviewing Sweden worked during Christmas and has gone on holiday now!
  14. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    I suppose, it just seems to be taking forever, suppose they are having to edit all the transfers that are going through at this time of year too. That seems like an odd choice considering it's not even a league with a lot of teams! But that is what it seems like. Oh well.
  15. EnglishPirlo

    Worldwide Risers

    Anyone have any theories as to why the players ratings reviews have slowed down so much? The beginning of Sweden and then Mexico have been one team per day at best. If they carry on like this it'll take forever. Plus they started the Swedish league, then stopped and are now doing Mexico, are they reviewing South American leagues or the smaller European leagues? And then random position changes to players, while some players remain rated well below their performance for months and months. There doesn't seem to be any kind of organisation or coherent order to what they're doing, unless I'm missing something. Basically, what going on?!