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  1. Worldwide Risers

    2 different players. It depends which profile you want
  2. Worldwide Risers

    Who stops Manchester City this year ?!!!
  3. Worldwide Risers

    Thomas Vermaelen is now playing well for Barcelona
  4. The Best of Belgian Football

    Something you need to know: This weekend scored Edon Zhegrova for the first time as debutant in the Belgian League. He isn't yet in the database
  5. The Best of Belgian Football

    Rose Thibaud Verlinden, 18 years old Rate 70 ---------(+3)--------- Rate 73
  6. Worldwide Risers

    because he is since january (so almost 12 months) under the level we expect. Actually he isn't that good. We have problems in RSC Anderlecht with our strickers. Hamdi Harbaoui is a player from Tunesia and has rate 84 and he has scored more in 1/2 months then Teodorzcyk the last 6 months. He plays since january awful. Not good in the combination, missed goals you can't even miss, can't keep a ball... + his bad behaviour. No, he deserves for sure a -1 (maybe a -2). He isn't a starter for the moment in Anderlecht. I'm tired of waiting on him to find his """level""". Now, I know he doesn't want to talk with the media. That was in Ukrain the case and still is in Belgium. He began in Belgium and was playing above his level. See above
  7. Worldwide Risers

    If there is any one with Lukasz Teodorzcyk in his squad, SELL him NOW !
  8. The Best of Belgian Football

    Rose yesterday Indy Boonen, 18 years old Rate 70 ---------(+3)---------- Rate 73
  9. The Best of Belgian Football

    Bandé, Khammas, Nakamba -> these 3 for example
  10. The Best of Belgian Football

    Rose today Christian Kabasele, 26 years old Rate 85 ---------(+1)---------- Rate 86
  11. The Best of Belgian Football

    Is not in the TOP 3 revelations in Belgium, but he is growing to an acceptable level.
  12. The Best of Belgian Football

    Is in good form. Good technic player with qualities for a better team (Charleroi is second for the moment). Now it's time to continue on this level on long term. If he does that, it's possible he gets called to the World Championship for Peru.
  13. Worldwide Risers

    The TOP 5 "Biggest risers predicted" in Belgium
  14. The Best of Belgian Football

    Top 5 “Big risers” in Belgium 5) Nana Opuku Ampomah – 21 years old (Ghana) +5/6 4) Christian Luyindama – 23 years old (Congo) +6 3) Jur Schryvers – 20 years old (Belgium) +7 2) Casper De Norre – 20 years old (Belgium) +7/8 1) Amine Khammas – 18 years old (Marocco/Belgium) +7/8
  15. Worldwide Risers

    Ronaldo and Suarez are possible with a -1 actually. Outperforming for the moment both