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  1. As Anderlecht fan I hope not.
  2. Hey, just for an opinion: What wo you guys think of Leander Dendoncker ?
  3. haha lol . Nice word playing
  4. I'm worried everyone is going to China now with all that money. On short term I will say immediately yes, but on long term I don't know. Dzeko has maybe 2 or 3 good (!) seasons to go, but Sanabria is not getting the level ever that Dzeko has now. So I would do it, but I think in 2 or 3 years you need to sell Dzeko then. If you stay manager of that club of course till then .
  5. I can't afford him for the moment. Bought 13 young players and Benjamin Mendy (19 million). But I'm also selling. When starts the review for Real Madrid ?
  6. Sell him, I also did it a year ago with one of my teams. He is not the player who will have a lovely career, I think.
  7. Okay, I think about Nacho then. Not the food, but the player haha . He chose a wrong club in my opinion. There was RSC Anderlecht (champions league next year), VFL Wolfsburg wanted him (now fighting to stay in the Bundesliga) and Lazio Roma wanted him. :/
  8. I'm thinking about it, because next season I'm playing in a higher level (division 2). Maybe if I want to reach division 1 I need a better left central defender. But the player has to fit in my story and my system. I don't know about Nacho, but Alonso is the only one who plays with his left foot. I'm not looking for RCB's. Btw, I have Van Dijk . But that's on the other side on the RCB in my 3-4-2-1 system. Btw, Nicolas Lombaerts is going to KV Oostende in Belgium. It's official already.
  9. Angel Gomes is already taken in my game world
  10. Is Dennis Praet getting a rise ?
  11. Why doesn't he give assists for us ? I expect a little bit better in our national team
  12. Can I get some names ? I'm looking for a left central (!) defender with a minimum age of 25. Which players can you recommend me ? Which players are growing and getting better on that position ? The maximum rating I want is 91, but I can't afford a top transfer .
  13. Don't need higher rating, but the manager who wants him try everything to get him
  14. I can get 11 milion + Borges Willian for Kylian Mbappé, should I do it ? I'm thinking no, but what do you guys think ?
  15. What about Jeremy Guillemenot ?