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  1. Can Linetty and Torreira rise in Sampdoria, or this is the limit in that team? The same with Stark in Hertha
  2. Rui Patricio is safe on 91?
  3. Rojo, Blind or Darmian?
  4. Croatia i think
  5. Souyncu need leave Freiburg to reach 90
  6. Keep him or sell?
  7. Maximiliano EGGESTEIN prediction ?
  9. Abdou DIALLO - Monaco worth keeping or sell?
  10. But it may be revolution in Barcelona and i wonder if he survives it
  11. Umtiti or Bailly?
  12. What to do with DRIUSSI, ASCACÍBAR and PAVÓN ? Wait and see, if they change club or sell now?
  13. Today i have problem to log in so it's worse than yesterday
  14. There are rumors that he could go to Barcelona so keep for now
  15. Lucas MARTÍNEZ QUARTA and Augusto BATALLA i know they will have a big rise but did anyone see them playing? Future stars?