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  1. new list of70 is good.
  2. gents any updates on this soon?
  3. it is totally ok to ask... even i have in the past.. but when it is repeatative with looooooong lists spamming the thread...it is annoying and killing the liveliness. Talking about new plyers is a good one... the guys who do ratings is cos they enjoy that and share their great knowledge... its fun to predict etc... but to take it for granted and insulting them is bang out of order... people need to get back in their shells and show respect instead of demanding on here.
  4. spot on... you are one of the originals on here and have hit the nail on the head for me on the point im trying to make.
  5. go and find other threads.. or play the game and stop being lazy, Not seen a single contribution from you. Even i have asked for an opinion of a player or deals but "get out of here" with nonsense about should i keep bla bla bla...will bla bla rise... should i do this deal with bla bla... will my milk expire if i dont open the cap bla bla..
  6. one of the best threads thanks to works of arsenalrocs rahul amongst others... the thread is becoming stale and repeatitive with people asking for deals and their worth with opinions. The guys on here are too generous and nice. Others please stop with the overkill of asking opinions on ling lists of players.. Or may as well give the log ins on here for your squads to be managed. This is about "worldwide risers"... RANT OVER.
  7. lol just because he scored a great goal...he must get a rise the next day...are you for real?
  8. geis?? no change..surprised with that
  9. good piece...thanks arsenalrocs
  10. Bakayoko.... Big move due...guy is a beast. Zielinski good too..but international exposure for Bakayoko will be greater in long run
  11. Lucas Moura worth keeping? His hype has died off...look at where Neymar is. Moura was rated best player in Brazil followed by Damiao and Neymar... How times have changed
  12. it is appreciated dude.Keep up the good work. A lot just come on here and leech off the knowledge without appreciating or contributing.
  13. end of season is nearing - lots of deals to think about - predictions for next review please; Meyer Mangala Wilshere Diego Costa Douglas Costa Luke Shaw Lucas Moura Alexis Sanchez Thomas Muller Thanks
  14. any hot 85 +3 risers recommended?
  15. they have fallen from grace as have wolfsburg..