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  1. mendy gor and bakayoko
  2. good shout... lanzini was so highly rated when back home...surprised about his choice of club to middle east... some what of a resurection at WestHam but can see him moving on. He has sooo much potential. Luan smashing it in Brazil..deffo flavour of the season.
  3. wow...definitive list! great effort and your time is appreciated dude
  4. difficult... FB is primed for big things also due to international team compared to EF. FB has also been in limelight longer than just last season, expecting big things at Juve especially with no 10 shirt
  5. i was about to type the same word for word almost..lol
  6. strange how leagues like south africa and india havent been done...
  7. interesting point about values... its so annoying right
  8. the Australian, Croatian and Japanese reviews are due right? Middle east hasnt been done in a while either and nor has South Africa. Any ideas on these leagues guys?
  9. tell me more ... why bro
  10. why do you say that>? i was about to accept external bid to raise funds... thanks in advance
  11. PAVON : i fear the duarte bernard phenomena striking and progress may become stagnet... although will prob get +2 by the time next review comes either league
  12. new list of70 is good.
  13. gents any updates on this soon?
  14. it is totally ok to ask... even i have in the past.. but when it is repeatative with looooooong lists spamming the thread...it is annoying and killing the liveliness. Talking about new plyers is a good one... the guys who do ratings is cos they enjoy that and share their great knowledge... its fun to predict etc... but to take it for granted and insulting them is bang out of order... people need to get back in their shells and show respect instead of demanding on here.
  15. spot on... you are one of the originals on here and have hit the nail on the head for me on the point im trying to make.