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  1. Bakayoko.... Big move due...guy is a beast. Zielinski good too..but international exposure for Bakayoko will be greater in long run
  2. Lucas Moura worth keeping? His hype has died off...look at where Neymar is. Moura was rated best player in Brazil followed by Damiao and Neymar... How times have changed
  3. it is appreciated dude.Keep up the good work. A lot just come on here and leech off the knowledge without appreciating or contributing.
  4. end of season is nearing - lots of deals to think about - predictions for next review please; Meyer Mangala Wilshere Diego Costa Douglas Costa Luke Shaw Lucas Moura Alexis Sanchez Thomas Muller Thanks
  5. any hot 85 +3 risers recommended?
  6. they have fallen from grace as have wolfsburg..
  7. lads Pulisic, mbappe, Rashford and Dolberg next changes? please share your thoughts
  8. borja mayoral/ hype or potential? what do u guys predict next change
  9. lads thoughts on Volland , halstenberg and orban for next changes?
  10. cant see him resurrecting his performances like his time in portugal. Both are first choice CBs in a tough gw.
  11. Chaps... Mangala and Tim Klodozciek worth keeping?
  12. ..on that note.. a query of my own... Guanini and Martinez Quarta - talent worth keeping ? or jog on... MQ is regarded in the RPlate circles but no europe move is imminent as far as i know..
  13. Not to create extra work...but would it be sensible to highlight the risers as worth keeping post rise at the same time? . referring to talent exceptions.. not all. I have seen several queries going back and forth and the good people of this thread continuously reply.. (grateful myself as its good exchange of information..usually give give give).. Argentina and Uruguay are starters for exceptional talents...?
  14. nice one... dirty injury at that age.shame..lots of potential but managemnt at wolfsburg has changed as well now
  15. lads thoughts on I.AZZAOUI ? hasnt hit the heights of hype unlike Tielemans.