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  1. Have they updated the Portugal league yet?
  2. I'm not debating obvious stats which back up or prove a player is 'world class'. I am saying using 'pass completion' as a stat as you did for Mane & Coutinho, who have been used in a front three all season and therefore are in the team to be match winners, then goals or assists are more telling. In CM, then yes 'pass completion' is very relevant. But for match winners like Mane or Coutinho (I think he'll play deeper in CM next season, but this season he hasn't up until the last match) - then I find it totally irrelevant or it should be.
  3. Well it's a team game isn't it. George Weah couldn't do much for Liberia for them when he was in his prime either. I don't think a team doing well should impact a player rise or fall either. Sure if they have made a huge contribution in winning something - then it should be considered, like Kante this season for Chelsea for example. But I doubt Mane's team didn't do well because of his performances (granted he did miss the penalty that got them knocked out. Haha). Either way, he deserved a rise.
  4. Mane, missed a month to African Nations. He's also been missing for weeks due to his latest injury. I also said it was "arguable" - as Coutinho has also been superb. But he had a big patch of the season, where he disappeared. He had a great start and a great ending. But in the middle when he came back after the injury, he was poor for months. Mane was impressive from start until he got injured in my opinion. Both deserved rises, but only one got one. I also don't think stats should be the be all or end all. Especially pass completion, I hate that stat. Suarez used to have the lowest pass completion for LFC. But everyone knew that was because he was the one with the to try and win the game and produce brilliance. Iniesta has got hardly any goals or assists in his career compared to the amount of games he has played. Doesn't mean he's not vital to Barca or Spain winning games as he often makes the pass before the assist. Shouldn't only be determined on stats IMO.
  5. Is that all the Man U & LFC reviews done? Surely Mane gets a rise? He's arguably had a better season that Coutinho.
  6. France next, what's after that?
  7. Thanks.
  8. Are these latest Bundesliga rating changes different? They usually do team by team. This time they look like they are just doing random players?! Anyone know which league is after?
  9. He seems a trick one to call.
  10. Will Rooney keep his 92 rating?
  11. Is there a list or does anyone know where I can see when each league is updated with player changes? Seems they do each league at certain times, for example they have recently just done the Brazilian league. Is there anywhere I can see when each league is due to be updated? Thanks in advance.
  12. When you have a new world you have different options to set the economy. Does anyone know how much income you can depending which economy you select? For example how much you get for winning the league and from the chairman at the start of the season.
  13. Kante is going to rise, at 92 now. When Chelsea win the league he'll be 92+. T. Silva is going to decline & Dahoud is not as highly rated as last season, not a regular now for his club. I'd probably accept, but I do love Kante :D.