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  1. Zielinski or Milinkovic-Savic who has the biggest future?
  2. Only risers worth buying for profit these days are 23/24 year old 77/78s +5 risers who are worth around 380k, usually shoot up in value to around 1.8 million. I don't bother with 70s unless there in for a big rise I.e 10 plus which is rare prime example of above Renato Augusto. Bought him for 380k when he was 78 and rose to 82, made over a million profit on him. I'll get hit by his wages though when my chairman decides to re do his contract. Vicious circle
  3. Yeah I did, I'm just stating the fact you only named 3 players, Rashford, Fosu Mensah who rarely plays but you think Mourinho has blooded him into the first team and Balotelli.
  4. Agree 100 per cent, I honestly think Mbappe would do a disservice to himself by joining Man United, he needs regularly football at his age and I'm not sure he will get it at United, I also think it would be a bad signing for England because Rashford may get pushed out the side. You really do amuse me He's been a manager for over 10/15 years and you've named 3 players, Mourinho doesn't trust young players and I just hope after yesterday's display that he gives Rashford and Lingard a run games together in the team, They could be the next Yorke and Cole Also Fosu Mensah has played 2 games this season coming on in the 90th minute, played 8 games last season under Van Gaal. That's all I need to say on that matter.
  5. Just laying abit of ground work I think, they did it a couple of weeks back with the likes of Chris Wood, Gayle, Dunk and a few others. Probably expect to see more before the summer, Liam Kelly at Reading certainly needs an upgrade, 70 rated and played most of readings promotion bid campaign.
  6. Barkhuizen rose to 78 today so I think he will rise to 80 at least in the summer.
  7. Yeah I would do that personally
  8. Cillessen, Digne and Gomes Erm I'm not sure tbh, maybe Dolberg and rashford/Werner Yeah Vestergaard would be worth getting should get a 1+ in the summer
  9. All of them you have a very talented attacked there, all reach 90 and beyond in my opinion. Ousmane Dembele imo, bags of potential!! Gamiero gonna rise +1 in the summer. Gabi, but he is old and if your all about youth like I am I'd get the duo all though is there any better options for you?
  10. Ronaldo even though both of them two have big futures, I just don't think you can trade away a 99, just one of the 2 in the game. Alli and Kane for me, both got big futures.
  11. I had Barkhuizen for 77 but I think he could get 79/80 at the end of the season if his form continues. Also @arsenalrocs any chance of Pavon (Boca) and Ascasibar *spelling* getting a move to Europe this summer and are they worth keeping. I think they are worth keeping but just wanted an expert opinion.
  12. Finally, only took them over a week. Not gonna lie I nearly gave up on the game!
  13. Not sure about the other 2 but randolph should get a healthy rise to 87
  14. The be all and end all is if they told us when we can expect the issue to be sorted, we wouldn't be complaining about the issue, communication would be delightful