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  1. I have been in debt on the game before but never had a cash injection and have never had a cash injection ever like yourself. However my friend who I play a lot of leagues with has had an injection before, he got promoted with Brighton and received 20 million for getting promoted and also received 40 million from the chairman as a cash injection, that is only case where I know you get a cash injection. This makes me think the only time you can get an injection is when a new season begins. Hope that's helped you at all.
  2. Doubt it will be Scotland they reviewed that league a few months ago along with the championship etc. Maybe USA, its been a while since they touched that or they may do more Eastern European leagues. Lewandowski! Not many 96's in the game
  3. Aurier imo only if he gets a move from PSG, he's not first choice now that Dani Alves is there. Number of clubs interested though (Juventus, Tottenham and Man Utd) I think Danilo will be used as rotation but will keep his rating. Aurier for me!
  4. Yeah I would have to agree with @kylepearson came on as a sub a few times last season and will probably do the same this season if Barry is signed. As for Harper I can't see him getting a massive amount of game time he will also slip down the pecking order. If West Brom pick up a few injuries then you may see more of him. Problem is there's only 1 game gone in the premier league so it's difficult to gage who will be a permenant fixture in the team this season especially when the transfer window is still open, we should all have a better idea of how the starting 11 of each team will look after the 1st of September. After everything said above I think Sam Field is worth buying but I would hang fire on Harper. Definitely worth buying for that price, got a brilliant coach in Harry Redknapp too so wouldn't be surprised to see Birmingham doing pretty well this season. This will only help Vassell's rating if he can be a permanent fixture in the team.
  5. Bortolotto Sander - 70 rated Only worth 70k absolute bargain and must buy for any club with a low budget! I know Brazil is probably a long way off another review but his price may go up from now until then, you never know with SM. Played 13 games (879 minutes) for Sport Recife coming on as a sub 3 times. Too early to determine his predicted rating but if he continues to play and Sport Recife can maintain a good position in Serie A he should get a healthy rise! 70 ----> 78-80
  6. Imo yes, but then again I am a bit negative towards English players. I just think Lukaku has more in the locker and now he's at a big club I think it's the right time for him to kick on.
  7. I would do Belotti + Gimenez for Lukaku, I can see Lukaku having a big season and Man U. I just think we'll see the best out of Lukaku and Pogba this season more so Pogba now that Matic has joined. Signing of the summer for me is Matic. Personally I would NOT do Belotti and Sule, I believe Sule has a big future and what better place to play football and learn your trade than at Bayern. Belotti also needs a big move, can't see him rising again this year if he stays at Torino.
  8. Can someone please tell how Presnel Kimpembe has gone up in value to 10 million from 8 million because of his birthday yesterday? Surely this would make him cheaper with him being a year older :/
  9. Rudy imo
  10. If he plays consistently in the team for West Brom this season he should get a +2/3 rise but it's too early to say.
  11. I wouldn't, Lafont has a massive future imo
  12. Mario Lemina worth buying for 6 million?
  13. Mario Lemina worth buying for 6 million?
  14. Alderwield or Manolas Disregard there ratings who has the better future, I.e football club Also Marlos Moreno and Zinchenko, worth keeping or selling?
  15. If Dembele is still at Celtic and has a really good season again then he could get a +1, he's a highly thought of player.