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  1. Can Roberto Soriano get +1 on summer? He get +1 in january but many goals and asissts this year
  2. Nemanja Matic, will he stay?
  3. Thanks mate, and Funes Mori in Everton to 89 maybe?
  4. He can just drop, unfortunately
  5. I cant wait big summer market, hope he will progress in biger club
  6. What do you think about Timo Horn, has he potential to bi 90+, and if have will he soon get +1 at least?
  7. I am little confused now, will it be argentina brazil and then sweden?
  8. Any chanse to Luis Olivera, river plate rise now?
  9. Yes thanks, and trio Sane Sterling and Jesus just started to play really good before Jesus injury, hope he will come nack soon
  10. Can Sane reach 90 in next review? he started to play constantly in 1st team
  11. Thank you all for answer, my personal opinion was almonst same I bought Rico long time ago when it was talking as a great prospect, but didnit watch him soon, so i wasnt so sure how he preogress
  12. I have list of some mostly young guys in my team, can you tell me will some of them rise and who of them i sholud keep as great potential? Pablo Mari 80 Timo Baumgartl 84 Kean Bryan 70 Rico Henry 77 Sam Corne 70 Felipe Carballo 78 Dhurgham Ismail 80 Alan Browne 80 Lowis Cook 80 James Maddison 77 Mostafa Fathi 82 Hachim Mastour 80 Bilal Boutobba 77 Thanks
  13. I didnt take just Joseph Yaro, but i took Justen Glad
  14. I took 3/4 of this guys because of you! Thank you so much, this will help me a lot with negative weekly balance of money
  15. Should i sell Adam Masina+Alex Iwobi for Virgil van Dijk?