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  1. what do you think about this big deal Tah + Varane + Driussi + Fornals or Romagnoli + Kolasinac + Davinson Sanchez
  2. Can he get 91 in roma now next season, or he is to old for that change?
  3. I bought Marcus, thank for that, and what about this two top guys Calazans and Arthur, worth to buy or still earlly to say?
  4. I was in top half everytime, but he did not invest for 2 seasons... but now i am in top 4 so i hope he will do it on the end of this one. Really neer more then 23K visitors
  5. What about Ginter?
  6. How long you was in Div1 before some big increase? When i enter Div1 with wraxham i get some increase but just about 8K, and now is about 23K, that is sooo low, and i play 3rd season in Div1 right now and really need biger stadium for some better results
  7. Nice mate, i really needed something like this because i play in SOOO competitve game world, where players must be bought as soon as they are added in game. Good jobe
  8. I agree, and not just started, he was included i 2 goals, 1 assist and 1 good pass for modric's assists And plus in best team of CL this season...
  9. Any chance dani carvajal get +1 in some random rise soon?
  10. Yes we are 1st time since i play this game, about 4 years, my def line is at least 90, 1st time i wont play games with 87 88 89 D(RCL) after this italian changes
  11. Mustafi for Davinson Sanchez + Iwobi Or Mustafi for Davinson Sanchez +Vilhena
  12. Oxlade and Coquelin prediction?
  13. Strotman or Oxlade and Coquelin?
  14. I did same thing with Leno last year, Leverkusen bad season i expect he stay but they gave him 91...
  15. I just sold him expecting -1, really bad season for him... but sm dont think so i guess