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  1. I'm going to keep him in the eye
  2. what the f... Youssoufa Moukoko (BVB U17 ) 12 years old sccors 8 Goals in the first 3 U 17 Bundesliga games 12 years old !!! 3-4 years younger then the most of the ohter players today he sccors 4 Goals agains U 17 from Viktoria Köln
  3. not yet I think that Batista Meier , Frank Evina and Tillman have a good Chance to Play Bundesliga in one or two years . Bavaria invested plenty in the youth and the new Youth Center and the Tiger Gerland is back
  4. Batista Meier (Nr10) age 16 He's the best talent with us since Toni Kroos Comes with 16 in his third U 17 season would have to play really now at least U-19 i hope he will make his first Bundesliga match in the new Saison I am convinced that he will pack it for Bayern. He is so incredibly far for his age, he can do anything on the ball. Remember his name .Bayern will have a lot of fun with him 8 years ago
  5. Have a eye on Mile Svilar (17 Anderlecht )
  6. Paulinho 17 Vasco Da Gama added sccores 2 Goals in Seria A a week ago
  7. NICE ONE James from Real MAdrid to Fc Bayern Munich 10 Mio loan year 1+10 mion loan year 2 +35 Mio option 55 Mio
  8. Pedro NETO 17 Sporting Braga added
  9. a nice +2 rise for Lukasz TEODORCZYK Now I can sell him
  10. Jann Fiete ARP (17) Hamburger SV added
  11. good News Jann Fiete ARP (17) Hamburger SV added
  12. I think Rüdiger 99% and Cancelo/Digne maybe next review
  13. Can he replace Tielemans?
  14. Have a Good Chance to Play , Mayoral go back to Real so have Wolfsburg Gomez 31 , Osimhen 18 and Dimata
  15. Official Transfer News Landry Nany Dimata (19 Bel ) move for 10 Mio € from KV Oostende BEL to VFL Wolfsburg .GER