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  1. If you had to sell who would it be? Dier, Umtiti or Fabinho
  2. Sell Mousa Dembel(91 rated) for Donnaruma?
  3. Anyone know anything about Mauro Silveira? He is a 17 y/o gk I signed as a free agent
  4. Only possible explanation is them not having Chelsea players in their teams
  5. He was one of the best players last season too and was the Man of the Season for spurs in his first season. He should be 93
  6. They still have to review chelsea players.They might still rise him tomorrow
  7. Iniesta to 94? Dybala to 93?
  8. Dembele stays at 91? He is really underrated
  9. I think SM are waiting to see if Liverpool get into the champions league or not. Based on that they might give +1 to their players
  10. Nah they will finish it off tomorrow
  11. That last line though 😂😂
  12. Epl review has been rushed so far. Hope they will slow down a bit for the big teams
  13. Auba:+1 in December then again +1 now Thiago: +1 in December then +2 now Based on this Kane should rise
  14. Kane is the top goal scorer even though he was injured for like 3 months. He should get 93