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  1. Thanks for your opinion. BTW I find it a bit weird that Saul( 22 years, 91 rated) has more value than a 23 yrs 92 rated
  2. Just a general question. Has there any player who is 92 rated and less than 23 years? If so what was his value?
  3. Dybala or Kane or Lukaku? Who has the highest potential? I can sign only one of them
  4. Rank them potential wise: Thiago, De Bruyne, Pogba, Koke, Kante
  5. Naby Keita or Goretzka?
  6. For long term defo Lukaku+Laca. I think Lukaku can go upto 95 and Laca upto 93/94
  7. Who do I get: Julian Brandt or Raheem Sterling?
  8. Dani Ceballos to get a +1?
  9. Rudiger headed to Chelsea for 33 Millions.Is he seriously worth that much?
  10. But there have been no rumours of him going to China.He's just been linked with RM and Liverpool
  11. okay who is AUB?
  12. No way that is happening. But he has been great in the U21 Euros.Could he get to 92?
  13. Bonucci or Godin+Carrasco?
  14. OT: Does anyone know how much money you get for taking a team to SMFA Champions Cup Semis?
  15. Andre Silva or Gnabry?