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  1. i'll have a look , might see you there soon , but also need managers in gameworld i.d 84971 as we only have 4, European championship 2727, many thanks
  2. stadium capacity

    stadium capacity /can I increase this or not , if so how , please
  3. Chinese FA League

    club applied for , starting at bottom and hopefully work my way up if I am accepted
  4. THE EFL (The English Football League) NO BPL.

    any teams left, no matter where, just fancy a challenge , many thanks T.P
  5. New Gameworld!!! ID 378444

    is it free, can anyone join ?
  6. THE EFL (The English Football League) NO BPL.

    invite me to join tallpaul
  7. 3 games in 5 days

    finding it difficult to get players fit for 3 games in 5 days (sat, mon, and Wednesday) any suggestions on how to keep player fit will be welcome