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  1. Dont really need either of them. more of a back up. Were wondering which had the more value long term wise. Hector probably more consistant but prolonged long term with Cologne while Perisic could move to a big club this summer to balance Inter finance. ended up keeping the croatian. in a club like Cologne where 91 is probably the team cap. he wouldnt take a lot for hector to get -1. bad start to the next season and thats it....well that my opinion
  2. What do you mean by not a fair choice ?
  3. Jonas Hector OR Ivan Perisic
  4. Yeah !! basicly just wanted to get rid of Inter base squad. 8th in the Serie...no european football next season. manager change....this who club seems to me like a mess. Only Icardi is getting a review this summer window all other will either stay or drop. and without knowing who will be moving to other club this summer. I just wanted to mix it up and get player from as many top league/club as i could.
  5. Hi there Rahul, Thanks for your help over the last few days concerning some of my deals I wasnt sure about. Your insight have been of great assistance !! I started playing SM 10 years ago...I remember the site had to shut down during game time to generate the result and club reserving/preorder wasnt a thing...you had to refresh with F5 for hours if you wanted to get the club you wanted. Whatever...I stopped playing for a very long time and just restarted again 3 weeks ago. I took upon me a gold membership and reserved Inter Milan in the last GC (494). And I made tons of trade because thats what the game is about...interaction, exchange and having fun. I would like your opinion if I upgraded my team with all the transaction or not. Here are the player that moved orderer by ratings. OUT: 1. Banega 92-28 2. Icardi 91-24 3. Mario 91-24 4. Murillo 90-24 5. Kondogbia 90-24 6. Santon 88-26 7. Biabiany 88-29 8. Gabriel 87-20 EXCHANGED FOR IN: 1. Fernandinho 92-32 2. Walcott 91-28 3. Sokratis 91-28 4. N'Zonzi 91-28 5. Leroy Sane 90-21 6. Muniain 90-24 7. Perotti 90-28 8. Mirallas 90-29 9. Gonzalo Castro 90-29 10. Raul Garcia 90-30 11. Ganso 89-27 12. Isla 89-28 13. Renato Augusto 89-29 14. De Arrascaeta 88-22 Thanks alot for your time and have a nice day !! O.C
  6. Banega or N'Zonzi
  7. maybe my messgae got deleted.....weird i dont see it anymore...whatever alex telles + oliver torres or banega have a nice day all !
  8. Alex telles + Oliver Torres vs Banega
  9. Jovetic + Nagatomo OR Sigurdsson
  10. Thanks captain !! Ok last one... A: Sigurdsson B: Jovetic + Nagatomo Nagatomo destined to drop 1 every review until he hit -137. I just dont know where Jovetic will be playing next season. Sevilla wont buy him off for 14m$ and Inter has already Eder and Icardi up front.... Sigurdsson otherwise could move to Tottenham/Everton this summer... whats your tought ?
  11. Sorry. Inter give: Icardi 91 + Barbosa 87 in exchange for Arsenal: Koscielny 92 + Giroud 91 + Walcott 91
  12. What's your tought on the upcoming Serie A review ?
  13. Inter: Barbosa 87 + Icardi 91 Arsenal: Koscielny 92 + Giroud 91 + Walcott 91