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  1. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Think it would be fair but they may feel it's too soon
  2. Worldwide Risers

    Alex sandri going 93 in this review as it's been crazy also Marcelo stay?

    @-JMH- how long for a decision to be made on a new player data as now can' submit anymore until its decided it' been like 3 days so far
  4. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    Possibly been a geneous review so far just think predictions plus 1 atm aha
  5. Worldwide Risers

    Is la liga review now? Also please vote in on soccer wiki Sergio Gomez thanks
  6. Worldwide Risers

    Who are going to be the biggest risers in the top 5 leagues?
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    What ratungs next for these guys thanks Kevin danso Van Drongelen Arthur melo Lotomba Faitout maouassa Ibrahima konate Edgar ie Sanabria
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Wober dc foyth dc Geiger cm sarr am/f Toni lato Lb maximillan Phillip Dortmund these are a svilar strakosha only a few
  9. Up and coming players

    oliver batista meier Bayern added today looks good from what I've seen one for the future!
  10. Worldwide Risers

  11. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Benjamin pavard Stuttgart what do we know about him any Good?
  12. Playing Styles

    This is on sm worlds think I've confused it for the wrong game?
  13. Up and coming players

    Richarlson Watford is still playing strong and great one to watch atm
  14. Playing Styles

    Tactics page bullhorn symbol at the bottom