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  1. Traveling Soon!

    I think I have found the perfect harness for my dog. I came across with this dog harness when I was searching the net. It also offers sizes for medium to large sized breeds Has anyone of you tried this brand?
  2. Traveling Soon!

    Guys, I just want to share my excitement. We are going to travel next month and I'm gonna bring my big Buddy. He is a Golden Retriever. I just wish everyone will fit in the car. LOL. Anyway, I'm looking for a harness for my dog. Can you recommend me a good brand? I kept on buying new ones for him because the harnesses keep on snapping. I hope I'll be able a more durable one. Any suggestions?
  3. Update of Soccer Manager 2017

    I've heard that it's until SM 2018, but not quite sure.
  4. Hi guys

    Hi there! Anything new?
  5. Off-season issues

    Yeah, pretty much like what happened to me and I'm totally busted because of it.
  6. New Soccer Enthusiast Here

    Hi all, just got in here. I have been playing soccer for 3 years now and I really would like to get good at it. I hope you can share me your ideas and stuff.