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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Keep him until the start of the rating change in LaLiga. Considering his age, Soccer Manager tend to decrease their ratings. The chances exist, so until then you should get an substitute for him. Bernardo Silva is a good alternative. Or maybe Granit Xhaka
  2. Worldwide Risers

    Golakeeper: Ter Stegen Defenders: Niguez, Marquinhos Midfielders: Dele Alli, Bernardo Silva Attack: Sterling, Salah, Heung-Min SON
  3. Worldwide Risers

    It is an absolute surprise for all of us. Right now, the lower division are the most probable, just because of the young prospects rated 70, and playing a lot. They really deserve an increase. Usually, the first tier review starts in December. The biggest leagues, like LaLiga, EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga or Ligue1 are in January.
  4. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Yes, but not in a such manner that you will lose lots of money. In the worst case, the drop will be about 2M. In the best case, maybe the value will still be the same. But the value loss will be only at the end of November or 1st of December, not as he turns 27.
  5. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Sorensen +1 to 89 (good defending abilities) Halstenberg +1 to 88(so far) is is possible to rise at 89 Vogt +1 to 89 (an impressive defending player) Nice picks. Winter window will come and this players get and rating increase.
  6. Serie A Rating Predictions

    It is too soon to predict such a big rating increase. So far, he looks like 89. Maybe with some other matches he will show us his potential. It is a good player for your team, even in a competitive gameworld.
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    The chances exist, but is improbable for Payet to drop in rating . He is 30, not so old in my opinion, and still adapts again to Ligue1 style of play. I know his notoriety is lower in comparison when he was at West Ham, but still a good player at Marseille.
  8. Worldwide Risers

    Even the fact that they are ”old”, the chances exist. But it is improbable for players like Ribery and Robben. They are key-players, good in every aspect. In a realistic manner, right now the chances of dropping for Ribbery (35%- he is injured) and for Robben (25%- he plays really nice, but the youngsters are the real competition)
  9. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Boateng(his good times are far away), Bale(injured) and maybe Messi( no increase, high wage). Keep in mind that is your decision who is the best for your team. You should never collect a lot of good players, for example, you only need 3 attacking players and max 2 subs. Applies to all positions.
  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Right now, I am really intrigued, trust me... I, personally, i would take Torreira and cash. Torreira 87>88(100%) >89(50% right now) Cancelo 89>90 (50% or lower) If this is urgent, go for Torreira. Is a great offer.
  11. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Keep Dahoud 88>89 Seri 90>91 Theo Hernandez 86>87/88 Not sure about Brandt and Sergi Roberto 50%-50%). You should sell them for potential players with rise. In this topic there are a lot (thousands, LOL ) Mascherano... sell him before the winter window. Until then , use him wisely and get César AZPILICUETA instead
  12. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Hard to say something about Ascacibar. At his age he has some potential. Great game style, but not enough for a rise right now. Keep an eye on him. The future is bright for wonderkids, but there are plenty of these types nowadays. Achraf Hakimi? Yeah, saw some videos on the net. Looks good, yet too soon to make a real statement about him. At this moment, a rise is not possible. In order to get a rating increase, he should play like 10 games. Zagadou... yes, he is promising. He played some games, great energy, ball-control and even good team-play. I am a little unsure, but he deserves a +3 increase.
  13. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    SALAH. He is only 20M and should get a rating increase. Best buy for that price.
  14. Not sure. Why don't you swap him with first league keepers? For example Mile Svilar looks promising
  15. You should keep Guerra (great potential, he only needs some more minutes of game) and Rivera too (he looks promising) It is hard to believe in a rise for Radoja. Best young LaLiga player, in my opinion is Unai Nunez. An alternative for Radoja is Carlos Soler (potential rise to 85)