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  1. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    New season First fixture of new season: Tue 27 February
  2. I support the wage capping idea because it would limit the squad sizes.
  3. Custom Game Worlds

    I think it would be good if the game world owner could set wage caps so each club would have a wage budget and they would have to stay in that budget this is so 1 or 2 players can not rinse all the top players effectively killing off that world.
  4. Zilker PL - A Custom Based Around Your Wage Bill

    How did you get all those setting options eg wage caps I can not do that with mine?

    Rule change for season 2. I have changed the settings so that managers can buy from unmanaged clubs but you may only offer cash in transfer dealing's.
  6. The Minor Improvments Thread

    id like more things you can do with money eg stadium upgrades helping small clubs to build and compete with the bigger ones it would also give reason for managers of the dominant clubs to sell rather than part exchange players and maybe an option in the custom worlds set up options to limit squad sizes to between 40 and the default which iv read is colossal number of players this would make leagues more competitive.
  7. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    Any club you like there are 14 left in division 1 or if you want a challenge have a look in division's 2 and 3 AC Milan and Sporting CP are in the World Club cup semi final. Tue 19 December 2017 Real Madrid 20:00 AC Milan Tottenham Hotspur 20:00 Sporting CP
  8. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    Barcelona have one now but there are still some really good clubs available.

    All the big clubs looking for new managers in this world
  10. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    Barcelona are looking for new manager if anyone is interested.
  11. Game World Rules

    I would half that even more to 50 or 60 players that should be more than enough to build a competitive team and have a usefull youth set up as well 120 for me is still to many really. with 50 players you could have a 1st team of 30 and 20 youths now to me that's a big squad. The AI managers could be more intelligent though for example they could be less inclined to let the best players or prodigy's go so easily I mean they should be more inclined to hold on to there 90 plus rated players unless offered silly money which you see in reality. Youth players should cost more especially if the chairman of that clubs believes that player has a lot of potential.

    Hi all my game world looks set to fail so what happens to custom worlds if I lose my last manager can I have it reset so I can make a new one or do I lose it a don't want to release it as iv payed for it. The only changes to settings I made was 50 mill starting budgets and I protected the unmanaged clubs in my world so they would not get rinsed I also gave it a rich economy as I though this would help smaller clubs. Dose anyone have advice?

    This world could really do with some managers all the big clubs are available so grab them while you can.
  14. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    WORLD CLUBS CUP Final : Tue 2 January 2018 Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 3 Real Madrid Érik LAMELA 27 Alarcón ISCO 25, 72 Sergio RAMOS 54
  15. WORLD CLUBS 371269

    Thanks for the reminder id is now in 1st post.