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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    will all these drop in their next review Jose Fonte Gary Cahill Benedikt Höwedes Dani Alves Phil Jones
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I have Dele Alli should i swap him for Özil? Also thoughts on Timo Werner. He hasn't had a great season this year (not like last year) 0% chance of a rise for his domestic campaign? is it a bad idea to sell him? My forwards are Kane, Salah, Mbappe
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Will Andreas Pereira get a rise?
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    can Higuain reach 95?
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    you have my vote buddy.
  6. Player concerns

    I have a few players who are rated at 89 and they have minor concern level 1. how many games do they have to play before it goes away?
  7. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Cenzig Ünder to rise?
  8. Worldwide Risers

    any predictions on Karlo Letica
  9. Hey guys. can you recommend any players valued under 3m who wil rise in the next update?
  10. Zielinski or Goretzka?

  11. Zielinski or Goretzka?

    Hey i am looking for a very good young Cm. I am not sure who would be the better option. Some advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Serie A Rating Predictions

    hey guys which Napoli players do you think will rise? Ghoulam, Koulibaly, Mertens? Any others?
  13. Sadio Mane 93? i need another winger (I have Salah) Also do you think i Should sell Gotze?
  14. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    Do you think Falcao will get a rise? 13 goals in 15 shots on target. Great form and playing regularly
  15. Worldwide Risers

    I am also a Liverpool fan. I couldn't agree more. I thought the price tag was a little high at first but oh my. What a start he has had. Shame about the other end haha. My only worry is that if i take out mahrez then my team might not perform as well. I am unbeaten in 13 games and mahrez has been immense. Is salah a good performer on soccer manager?