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  1. A new risers thread

    It was a suggestion.... I meant nothing by it. I even said the more reviews the better. And u act like Mr kuntybollox. Why are you commenting on the amount of posts I have? Are you the king around here because u have alot of posts? :/
  2. A new risers thread

    Wow keyboard warrior... Took u a full day to reply to that? I never claimed to be helping anyone... I don't watch enough foreign football to be reviewing players. U seemed to be so disappointed in his review that I suggested u should review and see who is more accurate. But instead u criticised again.
  3. A new risers thread

    @TMCosta u should do a quick review of Italy and see who's is the most accurate the more reviews the better lol
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    But he said alot of profit to be made so i asked him who he recommends, i seen those lists and read through them but i wasnt sure how upto date they were as USA doesnt get reiewed often, But thanks for trying to point me in the right direction
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Who do you recommend? Thanks
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    i know they play in different positions but who has more chance of 92 out of mbappe and saul? Thanks
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Any keepers that will def get a rise to 90 or above on the next review? Other than ederson...Thanks
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    would like to know this also
  9. Worldwide Risers

    Any defenders who are due to rise to 90 or 91 within the english and spanish league? cheers
  10. Worldwide Risers

    Any chance of rashford reaching 90?
  11. Worldwide Risers

    Could anyone give me opinion on these players rating changes please: Isco to 93? Rashford 89? Aduriz to 90? Nacho to 90? Mendy keep his 90? Thank you
  12. Is there any cetain risers from 90-91 or 91-92 or 92-93? Thanks
  13. Worldwide Risers

    Which keepers will definatly rise to 90 or 90 plus in this review? Thanks
  14. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Will ribery and robben drop? Cheers