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  1. Any gw you in that i can join?

    1. ADEXYNA


      Yes  join this I'd 73552


  2. Hi,i counter 433B with 442

    i play Hard-def-dbf..tick men behind ball and tight markind..if losing at 60 mins,Hard-v-off-dbf-fast-a-over..tick conter-offside thats all.hope it helps you

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    2. Bigjum71
    3. Chris Hancock

      Chris Hancock

      Formation all set. Let' see what happens. :)

    4. Bigjum71


      ive beat 433w twice wit 352 attack on flanks,and play v.att football,mix passing,hard.fast,a.over

  3. Counter formations

    Thank you m8
  4. hi,wat is a good offensive tactics,im facing regalation. thnx

  5. Hi mate,sorry for disturbing,i just want to know what is a good Offensive tactic.thank you

  6. Hi,do you have any idea which formation is best against 4321?thnx

  7. Back on the block

    Welcome back,im new to this game,and i want to know the best formation/tactics against 4321 thnx
  8. I need help how to beat 4321

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    2. onomanunn


      No worries bro ;) Good luck and you are never disturbing me when i am online. So if you have any questions don't hesitate and ask. However next time just open a new forum thread in the tactics forum. More managers will be able to give their input then. I am by far not a top manager ;) And if you still have questions either add me in game and use the chat or send me a pm here ;) IGN is onomanunn (Daniel Gramberg)

    3. Bigjum71


      thnx man i appreciate it

    4. onomanunn


      No problem at all :) i hope it works out for you!

  9. Counter formations

    how to counter 4321
  10. Team instructions

    442C Hard-V.Offen-Dir-middle
  11. Best tactics on soccer manager

    Best formation against 4321