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  1. Where is Playing Style?

    Can somebody show me with a screenshot or otherwise where playing style is in tactics?
  2. Where is "play style"?

    Please can somebody help?
  3. Playing Styles

    Is this on SM 2017 because I can't find it, could you provide me with a screenshot showing me exactly where it is
  4. Playing Styles

    Where is it? I can't find it either...
  5. Where is "play style"?

    I've seen a lot of tactics here including "playstyles". However I can't see this anywhere in-game. Am I missing something? Can somebody help??
  6. Soccer Manager 2017 - Where are the team instructions?

    Sorry for my poor explanation, but isn't there supposed to be something called "play style"?
  7. I played this game a few months ago, played it again today and I can't find the team instructions (the ones which have "play offside trap" and "use playmaker" and "use target man" etc. Help would be much appreciated