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    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I can confirm that. Have had situations like that more than once.
  2. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Yeah, okay, I'll be more careful with that.:-) But also on comunio Lichtsteiner had a rather low rating of 5.15 considering he was a 91. So two sources that may have some flaws. But both pointing the thumb towards the same direction.
  3. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I also would say, that Juventus is a stronger club compared to Arsenal. Just compare Juventus success in CL with Arsenals. But I don't think it's relevant for the Lichtsteiner -1 decision so I don't think it ought to be the center of discussion. He was playing for Juventus in the recent season half and that's what the rating changes refer to I thought, not what might happen in the future when he plays for another club. I also don't think the age was relevant here. Just look at whoscored. https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/87/Show/Italy-Juventus According to this source Lichtsteiners performances were only the 21st best of the team, and a 6,59 season Rating is pretty weak for a 91 rated player. I would have given him a downrate as well.
  4. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    To me it seems like they are evaluating the Premier League really strict. Maybe as Admins from England they want to show that they don't favour their home league and as a result they drift into the opposite direction. I had the same impression when they were doing the Championship. With regards to winter I maybe shouldn't invest as much in players from English clubs as I have done this time.
  5. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    They did most of Gladbach today and around half of Frankfurt. Counted together this is MORE than a complete team...
  6. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I don't understand why they are beating up so many players with lesser match practice so much (particular when not young anymore)...they have to be weaker than those who are playing on relevant position. But they are doing much more than that in some cases. I kind of find it presumptuous. If they want to punch down players I could recommend plenty of neglected overrated players from meanwhile lower Divions or less important leagues.
  7. Philodoof

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    To prevent it to be assumed, I’m not asking for predictions for those. I spent many hours making my own predictions. I just thought that might be an interesting topic to discuss and you do those things here too I noticed. The German football magazine Kicker chose it’s top Eleven for the just finished season, maybe some here are interested in that: Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg) – Jerome Boateng (Bayern), Naldo (Schalke), Mats Hummels (Bayern) – Charles Aranguiz (Leverkusen) - Nico Schulz (Hoffenheim), James Rodriguez (Bayern), Lars Bender (Leverkusen) – Andrej Kramaric (Hoffenheim), Serge Gnabry (Hoffenheim) – Robert Lewandowski (Bayern) That of course doesn’t mean those were automatically good buys. For example I had Casteels during the winter Rating Changes since he finally showed improvements in his play, but Soccermanager didn’t honor his improvements despite he is among the weakest rated goalkeepers in Germany, they let him stay. I personally think naming him the best keeper of the season is too much. His advantage was, that many players in the field in Wolfsburg played really disappointingly and so he tended to be the best player from Wolfsburg in matches. Goalkeepers often look better, the worse their colleagues play as they are often ineffected by bad team shapes. But I still think he should be rated way above the 86 he currently has. It seemed he finally had his breakthrough season. But I kind of doubt given no rating change in winter, that he will be a buy worth recommending. Since they didn’t improve his rating back then I would assume them to be sceptical enough on this player to only give him 87. It’s very interesting how different opinions on certain players can be. I also certainly wouldn’t name Nico Schulz as part of the Eleven of the season. He showed some nice improvements in the second part of the season in particular. But he also got some sunshine from how Hoffenheim played as a team. Yes he improved, but improving players tend to be hyped. I think there is other players on this position who have played better and/ore riper. For example no mather if David Alaba or Juan Bernat are playing for Bayern, you can clearly see they have a superior skill set although they weren’t lucky enough too be as much involved in goal scoring or assisting as Schulz or Max. So I think for this position they’ve rather been going with a hype here. Lars Bender is a player I would like to specifically address as well. Not because I disagree with Kickers choice, but because I disagree with Löw not taking him to Russia. From how he played this season Bender would have deserved it. But of course that’s not the way how it works. You don’t pick the best individual players, you gotta pick a team you think will be successful together, successful with the tactics you want to play. So I’m not gonna blame Löw for not taking him. Some strong players just have to stay at home, it’s always that way and I find it funny when coaches or fans get actually even furious about such squad decisions. If trainers would pick to either satisfy or spite public opinion, that’s what I think would actually be problematic. The important thing is a coach has a good plan, that he takes necessary steps to follow it through. But back to Lars Bender. I was surprised that apparently some people are fearing him to drop. He usually played really good when availabe for selection. He is a really reliable player who is in my opinion very important to the team. I would even call him the most important player in this years Leverkusen squad. The same as his brother Sven he has some tendencies to be injured and then miss some matches due to that. As long as the soccer manager admins do their job and note that his amount playing time was due to injuries, he shouldn’t be degraded. I personally even voted for a rise, since I think he is better than 90. His brother Sven Bender on the other hand I find worse than his current 90. He excelled at being a workhorse as a defensive midfielder. But those times are past. He nowadays usually plays a defender (maybe due to wearing off) and I don’t think he is as good at that job. Maybe there is the risk they might mix up those twins.
  8. I was wondering if it was a huge stupidity to loan out a player with only a one year contract. Would he be leaving me for sure for free at the end of a season then, or would it still be possible to call back the player during the season and extend his contract? Anyone with experiences here?
  9. I've been suggested to try this out: since due to those annoying restrictments I cannot add players that frequently (1 per day at best) and there is still quite a bunch of relevant players missing from this League even though the season is more and more reaching it's end, I wanted to ask if there is people in this community who want to and have the opportunity to help me adding those players. If so, I could list missing players here to save you the time of searching. :-)
  10. Added Biankadi, Wagner, Eggersglüß and Volkmer lately. Yesterday I spontaneously went into a break from this project, since I noticed that the backlog on edited players had shrunk to a rarely low level. I used that opportunity to clear my to-do list for those kinds of changes and then while on a roll I went through a bunch more. So I might have to wait a week or two until I can add the next League 3 player. :-( But it was worth it.
  11. Great! :-) I submitted Auberbach yesterday. Hope I don't have to wait for four days again until I can submit the next player.
  12. Philodoof

    Unmanaged Club made an offer as well

    Thanks for the information. :-) Unfortunately I cannot make a higher offer anymore. They just concluded the bidding phase. Normally it takes around 24 hours until the bidding phase is over. This time it stopped after 17 hours only. :-(
  13. I have a question about a situation I never had before. I have made an offer for a player from an unmanaged Club in a League of mine. In the meanwhile this unmanaged Club has received an offer from another unmanaged Club (where the player plays in reality). Do I have to make a new offer of higher value if I want this player right now? I never had to compete against a computer club.
  14. Thanks! :-) I put his height in. You also should now be able to add and edit in this spreadsheet as well, just gave you permission.
  15. Okay. I will leave those players on the file and then have a new look from time to time. Often those information are added at some point later. Especially during summer breaks when at some points clubs often are busy updating their team section on their club homepage.
  16. I had a notification on my smartfone. Now you should have access. But it's strange.:-/ I wanted it in a way, that everybody could look at it, without asking for permission. I don't know where I made a mistake there.:-( But you should be able to look at the table now. :-) Yesterday evening I completed the list as far as I could, when I was bored.;-) But for one player I couldn't find data about his height and for a bunch of 8 players I wasn't able to find information about weight. :-( But I was able to find all the information for the majority of players and I think so far I only have added players where I was able to find everything.
  17. I tried to put it in a google spreadsheet. It's over 50 players. (and I'm not sure that's all all that are missing, because it's those I found missing when I voted in autumn 2017 for rating changes. There might have popped some more since then and I might have missed some. ) Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yl1oTlt8gZhvolrD_OGODTyagIb9DbQFL-XTwC95cgA/edit?usp=sharing I hope the link works and the way I intended, so that it can be looked at, while I should be the only one able to make changes. I so far only added further information for part of the players as far as I could find it, since I noticed how long it took. I could fill in the remaining information as well, if you want me to. But in case you want to check those informations yourself anyway, we don't need to do the work both. :-) It would be helpful if you could inform me, when you added players from this list, then I could remove them from there for a better overview. :-)
  18. Great. :-) Are player names and clubs sufficient, or shall I provide more data directly?
  19. Adding new Players into voting stage is one of the things on SoccerWiki that annoy me most. But why is it as it is? Why can I only add one player to the SoccerWiki at the same time? I always have to wait until it is accepted or rejected until I can add more. And usually it even takes some time afterwards until I can add the next. I find this absurd. Also I noticed that some people apparently can add huge loads of players at the same time...and they don't necessarily have more reputation than I do...so why not me too? Or rather, why not everyone? And when I request a change on a players club or so I sometimes have to wait months until this request has been dealt with. For this whole time I cannot add new players. That makes it even more silly and it makes me note down on Excel sheets when players Clubs have changed etc. so that maybe I can request those at a later time in or wait until I have found a bigger bunch so that this whole waiting time would be more worth it...why do they impede contributors so much? Most people just want SoccerWiki to grow, because it's a great idea, and they want to make it even more great...but it seems like the SoccerWiki Admins don't want it so much to grow...:-(
  20. Philodoof

    Adding players to the SoccerWiki

    I would like to complete the 3rd League in Germany, since I'm from Germany. There is still quite a bunch of players missing that have been relevent this season even though this season is getting close the end, but the way it works, makes it really tedious for me...especially since I have to restrain myself from editing other player information that is out of date and it can be hard to resist. So they have to think about ways, how it can work out better. Can't they invest some time into programming stuff that would make their life easier? For example program something that inserts players automatically into the database? I.e. insert player once 10 votes have been made while at least 8 of those were pro adding this player. They also should change the form for loan players, so that you have to enter a date, when the loan will run out and a program that will return those players to their clubs automatically when that date has come. I'm sure there is more ideas we could come up with. Eventually changes like that should save a lot of time and make everything more smooth. Ideally I think the admins should only have to do less conventional changes by hand (maybe when Leagues are restructured in size or something like that) but mostly monitor and only intervene if things obviously go wrong. Then they could focus more on rating changes and other things instead if they don't have to insert all the submissions themselves.
  21. I noticed they have been doing Rating changes in the English Premier League lately. I never noticed rating changes in Huddersfield and today they have moved on to Primera Division/Spain so it seems to me they have forgotten about Huddersfield. (Maybe because it appears they go through the tables from down to up and there might have been ranking changes due to matchdays while they were doing rating changes, but that is just a theory) However, how can they be reminded?
  22. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I don't even have a Twitter account and I don't want to start with Twitter now. I looked on facebook in the meanwhile, but it doesn't seem like you can send them messages there. So I guess I will have to hope they notice anyway...