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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    game down for anyone else?
  2. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    62% possession??
  3. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    Scoreline close but dominated in stats Swansea, we have quite a lot of work still to do to take over this gameworld lol Going to sell my team now as soon as possible to minimize wages and assemble a new one for the next season
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Why? Keeping in mind things like price, limitations in both players I don't think seeking perspectives from both sides is particularly farfetched
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sterling or Lingard?
  6. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    semi against man city next i hope my ass gets kicked gently rather than the other way team 1 will face off against team 2 Now we will see what the hero of this thread (Port Vale) has been battling with all season (Swindon) and how the top teams at the division 5 level compare against run-away division 1 leaders and likely winners of the Premier League this season I suppose Port Vale at the very least aren't very far away from being able to win a cup either next season or the one after that with how the team valuation is developing. Swindon is lagging a bit behind in team valuations (at about 40% of Port Vale's current squad value) to mount the same kind of a challenge across competitions
  7. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    any idea is the thing where you can't respond to the thread sometimes a bug? it just has the reply function hidden and the quote function hidden and it's just read only aha
  8. New transfer, from the Netherlands, was just accepted 

    1. swanseajack


      Ooft, didn't realise you still had that sort of money left. Pretty sure he'll rise to 86. Surely that's all your money spent now?

  9. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    Nice thread Made me buy a prospect too