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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Question about Javi Garcia of Betis: Rahul has him -1 to 88 in his predictions, but he has been a solid contributor to their ascension into the Europa League qualification. Not to mention, he's t-5th in minutes on the team with 2,410 and 32 appearances (27/5). Do you still think he'll drop?
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I'm curious about what to do with Kiko Femenia and Javier Manquillo. Which should I keep, which should I sell? Femenia according to Rahul will go +1 in next EPL review, but why wouldn't Manquillo go up since he's got similar stats? Femenia Manquillo Appearances 19(4) 20(1) Minutes 1715 1759 SM Rating 86 86 Goals 1 0 Assists 1 1 Position D,DM,M(R),AM(RL) D(RL),DM,M(R) Team Watford (14th) Newcastle (10th)
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Hey, will Ødegaard will go +1 in Spain review? He didn't get a +1 during the Netherlands review, and he's played really while on loan at Heerenveen.
  4. A new risers thread

    Hey Monolithic, when are you going to publish the Spain - La Liga predictions? Thanks!
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Raul de Tomas rose +1 back in November when he only had 4 goals to his name. 20+ goals later, I think he merits a +2 in my opinion. Another interesting 2da division player that I think will get a nice bump should be Melero from Huesca. Now he's in 2da team for sure (not on loan like RdT), but he's a AM/CM with 15 goals to his name, 1 less than the highest goalscorer on his team (a FW). And Huesca may make it to 1st division this year. He also rose +1 in November, but I can see a nice +2 if he keeps this up.
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Why don't you think Lucas Vazquez deserves a +1? He and Asensio are tied for the most appearances, with Vazquez behind Asensio with 200 minutes less. 300 or so less than Nacho that you state is getting a +1. Also, do you think David Soria, now Sevilla starting GK, will get a 84 +2? He's started every game since April including the 2 Champs League matches against Bayern. He'll break 1000 minutes before the end of the season. Another player, Raul de Tomas is listed as being a Real Madrid player in Soccerwiki. Shouldn't he be included in the predictions list as well?
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Hey so I have a few players that I’d like some advice on whether to sell or keep before their league ratings happen. Sell in order to buy other players with a chance to go up. Thanks for the help. Serie A Callejón 91 +1? (finally or too old? Tied for 4th highest assists in league) Falqué 89 +1? (2nd best player behind Ljajic in Torino this season according to Whoscored) Leandro Cabrera 83 +2? (Since joining Getafe on loan mid season, he’s been 3rd best player according to Whoscored) Ligue 1 Mariano Díaz 87 +2? (Tied for 4th hishesthoalscirer with 18 goals) Pedro Mendes 86 +1 or sell? (7th est player in Montpellier according to whoscored) La Liga Willian José 89 +1? (14 goals this season, tied for 10th highest in la liga) Nacho 90 +1? (has been so influential no matter where he plays) Rodrigo Moreno 90 +1? Parejo 90 +1? Ruben Sobrino 80 +3? Borja Garcia 85 +1 or sell? Raul de Tomas 83 +2? Fernando Pacheco 86 +1? (Most saves in la liga)