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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I am looking to add some younger players to my side mainly as cover but good enough to step in and rise anyone spring to mind starting at 90 rating
  2. Worldwide Risers

    kevin kampl from Leipzig and paco alcacer any chance these two will rise are they worth buying
  3. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    looking for a bit of info on kevin kampl currently player 18 games for Leipzig at 91 rating but that's not a true reflection just the game time how is he playing is he in with a chance of 92 end of season
  4. Bale help

    I have bale 95 rating is he in risk of going doing yeah he has been injured but real aint flying I can sign isco but again madrid not playing well
  5. Dybala or isco

    I can only sign one of these who would be the best one to sign Isco or dybala in terms of next rating change etc
  6. Marcelo or jordi Alba
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    who in everyone's opinion is better lewandoski or saurez and could lewandoski get a 97 rating
  8. Is Isco and Matic a good deal for me
  9. isit time to sell bale before he goes down i am aware he kept his rating this time around but isit only a matter of time
  10. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    dortmunds right back gonzalo castro any chance of a rise
  11. Worldwide Risers

    James milner or Antonio Valencia
  12. Worldwide Risers

    Kolorov or scmelzer and Valencia has he got a chance at 91
  13. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    is he at risk of going down tho or is he play well he has played plenty of minutes
  14. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    sokratis how is his rating looking safe or can he improve
  15. Worldwide Risers

    sokratis or rojo and will either rise