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  1. isit time to sell bale before he goes down i am aware he kept his rating this time around but isit only a matter of time
  2. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    dortmunds right back gonzalo castro any chance of a rise
  3. Worldwide Risers

    James milner or Antonio Valencia
  4. Worldwide Risers

    Kolorov or scmelzer and Valencia has he got a chance at 91
  5. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    is he at risk of going down tho or is he play well he has played plenty of minutes
  6. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    sokratis how is his rating looking safe or can he improve
  7. Worldwide Risers

    sokratis or rojo and will either rise
  8. Worldwide Risers

    how is payet rating looking is he safe
  9. Worldwide Risers

    looking for a 91 rated player who is more or less a dead cert to rise whats the best ones out there right now and position
  10. Worldwide Risers

    Kevin de bruyne can he hit 95 soon he is I the form of his life
  11. Worldwide Risers

    looking to bulk my squad up I have not much cash but here is a list of a few I been looking at I have 15 million so are these worth buying vardy valbuena yarmelenko Borja Valero bacca
  12. Worldwide Risers

    its bale
  13. Worldwide Risers

    my forward line is david silva griezman messi suarez kevin db and also cesc fab
  14. Worldwide Risers

    isit worth losing bale for jesus and busquets that's the deal on the table
  15. Worldwide Risers

    Gabriel jesus what will his next rating be he is 89 now will he jump straight to 91