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  1. Player Ratings

    There's no meaningful way to challenge, no. It would be unlikely that they have specifically targeted reductions at players you own; you've probably just made unfortunate choices in your acquisitions. There are a number of threads on this forum dedicated to predicting (it's pretty much down to a science now) which players will rise/fall and by how much. As it happens, there are the Italian, English and Spanish leagues under review in the next few weeks. I might advise you check these threads to make purchases/sales whilst there is still time.
  2. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

  3. Counter formations

    Completely agree. I know it's only anecdotal, but a good example of this occurred for me on Saturday. My starting 11 were rated lower than my opponents, yet I played 4-3-3 (B) (attacking down flanks) against 4-3-2-1 (attacking through middle) and destroyed them 5-2. Despite conceding 5 goals, their keeper also had a match rating of 10, so i expect it could have been more. They were dominated in every stat.
  4. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Pulisic is looking at a +1 or a +2 in this review and I would be very surprised if he got anything more. SM ratings are not based on transfermarkt value or whoscored points.
  5. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    I've never known values from transfermarkt to influence SM ratings.
  6. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    We all know Kimmich is certain to rise. After witnessing his season so far for Germany/Bayern, am I crazy for thinking that he could get a +2 in the upcoming review?
  7. Worldwide Risers

    If it were up to me Isco would get a +1, I feel like it is 50/50 on if it will happen though. I floated the idea of Jesus going up to 91 a few weeks ago. It is unlikely, but with Mbappe's rise the likelihood has increased.
  8. Hi,do you have any idea which formation is best against 4321?thnx

  9. http://www.goal.com/en-ng/news/messi-ronaldo-the-top-20-scorers-of-2017/i4iomdm0jiqs170zz6qwg4czu Guess which superstar has the best goals-to-games ratio on the list? Keeping some very impressive company.
  10. I could see him hitting 85 in the next review, but he's one to hold on to. Shaping up to be a future star.
  11. Transfers

    I'm not sure if it's still in place, but I know there used to be a rating limit on players that you could sign. I believe you could only sign players that were a certain number of points (10?) above your average squad rating. In this case, even if the standard Leyton Orient had the money to buy Messi, it would be refused as he is too far above their average squad cap.
  12. Mertens is without doubt in spectacular form and is worthy of a rise from 92 to 93. When he can maintain the same form year after year, as Harry Kane has, I would also support him being 94. Last week I made a detailed case on why Kane should be 94 and I won't repeat it. Luckily the ratings aren't based on the short period you have mentioned (during which Kane has missed games due to injury).
  13. Harry Kane showing yet again that there is more to his game than his constantly-high goalscoring record. This time on the biggest stage against a Real Madrid that have won the previous 2 Champions Leagues. Spurs now top a group that includes Real Madrid and Dortmund, clubs with extremely high European Pedigree in recent seasons. They're now unbeaten in 2 games against Real Madrid. Kane on individual merit, and in comparison with other strikers, is more than worthy of a 94 right now.
  14. If Manchester United can maintain their impressive defensive record to the end the season and finish in the top-three then there should be raises across their defence. As it stands I feel that Antonio Valencia is the only the defender that should be 91 right now.
  15. The SM rating system has never been 'fair' and a players rating is based on more than just a comparison of individual numbers. Earlier in this thread I outlined, in detail, why I feel Kane deserves a rise to 94. Lukaku spent time at Everton and achieved great things to reach 92. Now he is continuing to perform for a 'higher tier' side that is currently in a title race and topping their CL group - if he continues his current form I feel he is worthy of a rise