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  1. 89/90 i guess By the way, Mandzukic just scored ... I know he has a lot of fans around here
  2. Indeed. Interesting game tonight though.
  3. Again true, not a good season at all for both, but let's remember last season when Hazard kept his 95 despite having a disastrous season.
  4. Nice work If it's not much trouble, can you set some links for each league on the first page ? Would be easier to find. Very nice to see people started posting again. Cheers.
  5. Gotze most likely. Reus has missed a lot of games, true, but when he played he did it very well (biased opinion though ) Ozil and Suarez have enough game time to keep their ratings for now.
  6. I'd personally like that, but slim chances I'd say, maybe next season.
  7. Well, since you asked for it ... I'd love to see your predictions for either Switzerland, Austria, Danmark or Poland On the other hand, are you going to tweak your predictions for the Big leagues or is it the final version ? Thanks for your work, great job.
  8. Luan to 89 was a bit unexpected, right ?
  9. Any chance Ricardo Rodriguez will drop ? Also, any rumors regarding a possible transfer in the summer for him ?
  10. What do you guys think, can Oliver Baumann rise to 89 considering Hoffenheim are doing quite well this season ?
  11. What about Mario Gotze ? He's not doing very well since he first left BVB. Do you see any chance he'll drop by the end of season ?
  12. 87+

    Thanks Looking forward to this new challenge.
  13. Wow, never realized only 2 other teams won the league besides the widely known trio.
  14. Bayern GC 87 Lots of good players, bids already acceped.