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  1. darkblade

    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Probably 87. Might be used in a rotating system with Toprak and Sokratis, but considering BVB doesn't have any other CBs in the squad at the moment, he has good chances to start a lot of games next season. Also, I would hope for a better season if Fevre is appointed as the new manager, so yeah, could be 90 by the end of the next season.
  2. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I can add one at a time .. if I can help, drop a message.
  3. darkblade

    A new risers thread

    While a little debate doesn't hurt anyone, chill out guys
  4. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Don't think he will. Evans is 89.
  5. darkblade

    European Leagues that need updating

    Well, I'm very curious if Norway and Sweden will follow after the MLS is finished.
  6. darkblade

    Can, Zielinski or Florenzi

    Neither will rise in the next update, don't really know what to expect new season though.
  7. darkblade

    Bale help

    Sell Bale, buy Isco.
  8. darkblade

    Time to Quit Soccer Manager

    Old interface is what keeps me here, if it ever goes away ... it's bye bye.
  9. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Wasn't Sweden done recently ?
  10. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Short review for Portugal ?
  11. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    What do you guys think, is there any chance Aguero can rise to 96 at the end of the season ? Or ever ?
  12. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Personally, I like both of them, I think both players are class. When it comes strictly to SM ratings, I'd say go for Weigl ... still a bet though.
  13. darkblade

    Worldwide Risers

    Is Vlachodimos a done deal ?
  14. darkblade

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Well, when you compare Paulinho to other 91s in the game, sure ... there is no doubt you are right. I'm just saying it's not the worst error SM has made.