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  1. Nice and thank you Though I personally don't expect Brazil to be again reviewed this year (last update was in April), maybe early next year, they're too busy reviewing Vanarama. Any chance you'll be here to enchant us with the Big 5 predictions ?
  2. You're doing a good job. If you accept any suggestions, organizing your work per leagues or something like that would help, as it'd be easier to track. Cheers.
  3. As in you don't have to browse a lot of pages.
  4. Good idea. Just thinking it would be easier to read if you edit your initial post. Cheers.
  5. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen
  6. No way, totally different history, much more money. Although I agree a Zweite season for Wolfsburg or Hamburg might be useful, do some cleaning and start things over (look at Stuttgart !).
  7. Hmm, hopefully Belgium will be next after they're done reviewing the big leagues.
  8. Wow, they really thrashed PL.
  9. Well, Spurs did have two good seasons in a row, which may lead to higher ratings for all their top players, but still .. 94 ? Way to much at the moment.
  10. If SM's seen the game last night, he surely will
  11. They also forgot Hummels ...
  12. I hope you are right, but they already started France .. so I have my doubts. Indeed !
  13. Thiago to 94, Lewa to 96 ... yet not rise for Hummels As a side note ... I'm well impressed how fast ratings were done.
  14. My (biased) opinion is that Frankfurt has no chance on a normal day, but it's a final, only one game and of course anything's possible
  15. Mainly agree, but I wouldn't call this a bad season for BvB (not a very good either to be fair), unless they finish 4th and somehow miss UCL next season. Let's not forget they can still (and will most likely) win a trophy this season.