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  1. Board Suggestions

    Thats why its a request, it can be rejected
  2. Board Suggestions

    I think it would be a great addition to be able to do the following requests to the board: Increase Capacity of Stadium Build a new Stadium Increase Budget
  3. Player prices

    Re: Player prices Some prices are really unrealistic, for example, I made an offer for Domenico Berardi and Juventus countered with a 70 million offer, which is way too much for this player
  4. Initial Feedback

    Re: Initial Feedback I wish to say thank you for the bug fixes and this amazing game. However, I am a little bit bothered by the fact that I cannot seem to sell any of my players, for example I had Kaka' transfer listed at the start of the season and I haven't had a single offer and I played till mid-January. Also, my chairman is not letting me transfer list Victor Valdes. As I wish to sell him since I bought Sirigu.
  5. Initial Feedback

    Re: Initial Feedback The bug where the game does not end is still there, it happened to me in the 9th game of the league =(. However, I wish to thank you for fixing a lot of bugs in such a sort period of time. Thanks for everything
  6. Matches

    Re: Matches Thank you and good job on both the multi-player and single player. Keep it up =)
  7. Initial Feedback

    Re: Initial Feedback The same thing happened to me =(
  8. Initial Feedback

    Re: Initial Feedback After loading my game I can not continue as the continue button does not work and I have to read all messages again
  9. Matches

    I think that sound should be introduced in game matches to make the game more lively and more interesting.
  10. I wish that a Maltese Championship will be created since there are a lot of Maltese players playing this game. Every Maltese person wishes to manage clubs such as: Valletta, Hibernians, Birkirkara, Floriana, Sliema,Balzan, Qormi, Mosta, Tarxien, Hamrun, Marsaxlokk and Pieta.
  11. Introduce sound to the view match to make it more realisic